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Today, the boy I tutor failed his math test. As a result, the family fired me. The boy failed because he forgot to write his name at the top. FML
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DontClickOnMe 28

That's ridiculous. Just tell his parents what happened.

Rei_Ayanami 18

That is pretty ridiculous, I hope that income wasn't too important.


DontClickOnMe 28

That's ridiculous. Just tell his parents what happened.

jojoboy 0

Well brightness doesn't seem to be a family quality.

The parents? Yell at the teacher!! Imagine a tutor that gets failed tests overturned! $$$

I hate teachers who do this. Writing your name on the paper has nothing to do with your knowledge of the subject and if you ace a test you shouldn't be graded based on a small thing like that. What a bitch.

PuffDaddy395 3

You should have tutored him on how to write his name…

82, why should teachers waste their time following up who wrote that test and how do they know who's writing that is? It's not hard to write your first name, it should be the first thing you do. Not their problem.

MissHayleyJames 7

If you can't follow the rules of the test, you should fail. It's that simple.

ifoundalaska 11

89- it's called being a decent person every once in a while when someone happens to forget something. Forgetting is part of life, no one is perfect. It's dumb that a teacher will fail a student for something as innocent as forgetting to write their name.

MissHayleyJames 7

Well it's also pretty dumb to not write your name. They teach you that in kindergarten. As soon as you get your paper, you write your name before you even read the instructions. It's not rocket science.

wlddog 14

Seems you can't tutor stupid out of the kid, or the family. And it IS the teachers problem. It's their job to teach the kid, not offer trick questions like "What is your name?" Side note,, I wonder if the teachers check would cash if she FORGOT to sign the back of the check, or would the bank give her another chance to sign her check.

At 74. You say you're a grammar nazi on your bio. Well, you used "your" wrong.

Maybe the kid didn't know the answers so he just wrote whatever , and didn't write his name on purpose. What? I can't think outside of the box?

93, True, but if there is more than one person who did the same thing and the tests are therefore indistinguishable then both students should fail. That also applies to if there is more than one student whose paper has not been graded, because you may give the grade to the wrong student. It's not like its always easy to just work out whose test it is...doubly so for tests that are taken on an entire year, school or topic level and are not graded by the same teacher.

Rei_Ayanami 18

That is pretty ridiculous, I hope that income wasn't too important.

thiscrazything 1

His family failed. Hope you find someone else who is more appreciative.

LaColombianita 26

That's really dumb. The teacher could've easily looked at which students took the test but couldn't find their paper. Then find out who's test it was.

It could be a class rule where you automatically fail if there is no name on it. I had a few classes like that in school.

lizard399 0

I hated those teachers.. It's an easy way to grade tests! First you give a time limit so they rush and then you automatically grade F on the ones who forgot to write their name and blame them for not being diligent. Finally the teacher gets an easy short night.

toalysium 15

It's a life lesson. Hopefully the kid will remember this and won't ever forget to put their name on a job application.

Regardless of whether the rule is stupid or n

There is no such thing as a "short night" for a good teacher. Our day doesn't end at 4 like it does for the students. Many of us continue working (grading papers, making lesson plans) most of the night. Oh and just FYI, it may only take 3 minutes to grade one paper, but multiple that by 160.

lizard399 0

Your theory is quite interesting.. Ah yes, I agree "that is so stupid", well put!!

ifoundalaska 11
BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Well don't just stand there 94. Give him a happy ending.

Well 104 don't just stand there watching, join them.

Hard lessons require hard consequences. The lesson? You can't teach a stupid kid, because as you can see by his parents behavior, it's genetic.

iFizzgig 11

Jesus is right you really can't

Mime, you're funny. As a former tutor, I can say you're not too far off with your thinking (although sometimes mutations do happen during fetal development to prevent complete degradation of human intelligence). Skitz- wow I find your pic so offensive. Wut the **** would Jesus be doing with a t-Rex??

lizard399 0

God isn't even real, so get over it. Just throwing that out there since you're already offended.

Jesus would be doing awesome things with a T-rex. But that's a velociraptor.

... it IS a velociraptor. I thought it was a baby T-Rex. Good attention to detail, fellas.

br0ccoli, sweetie... If your offended by a mere picture, this is the absolutely wrong site for you to be on.

It's Raptor Jesus in baby form.... I think.

Absolute* even.... Next time I'll wait till my brain is less fuzzy from waking up.

ThecomingofTan 9

br0ccoli, his picture has to do with the Reptilians, a conspiracy theory. Google it for more information.

56-It's been proven multiple times that God MUST exist. So get your disbelieving ass in motion and watch a specific movie: "A Case for Christ"

You explained to the parents that it was their child's fault right? If you did and they still fired you I say good ridence they seem ignorant.

Most parents won't believe ANYTHING is their child's fault. which point, OP leaving is the best thing that could ever happen. Staying only could lead to more, worse problems

If the parents are THAT ignorant, then when you figure out how to get your job back, trick them into giving you a raise.

xAttackAttackx 25

33- I wish my parents believed nothing was ever my fault.

58 - sry bout that :( I meant that there really some parents who are oblivious to how obnoxious/horrendous their kids are.

49 They are ignorant, but ignorance does not always equal stupid. Usually stupid people are ignorant, but ignorant people aren't always stupid.

Altie 13

Didn't you teach him to write his name?

Didn't they teach him at prep-school?

HannahMarshall 6

Hey, sometimes people forget to write it down.

Doesn't that qualify the kid as a failure??

Doesn't that qualify the kid as a failure??

You know, both his comments where at the same time, so it probably was a glitch. Or his Internet is slow and he pressed the send button multiple times. But it is awkward when you don't notice it and delete it yourself.

As a tutor you're suppose to cover all bases. Including writing your name in the top corner.

I'd like to cover all bases with my tutor. If ya know what I mean ;)

TheEpicMilkMan 13

ohh ho ho ;) you get an A+ for that one mime ;D

Does that include the base of one's shaft with lips?

48 - I'm pretty sure he said ALL bases. Might want a tutor for those reading comprehension skills.

wlddog 14

How many bases are you suppose to cover? I forgot.

fishereric 1

It's not the tutor's responsibility to remind the kid to put his name on the paper.

fatcow282 8

Sirious of the kid couldint remember to right his name its his fault and the tescher aint all that bright ider