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Today, my biology teacher assigned us partners for a project. I got paired up with one of the smartest kids in the class. When he found out I was his partner, he cried. FML
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Atleast he wasn't trying to throw paper down your shirt.. J.s.

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I guess you could call this.. a 'cry'sis :D .... :[


Atleast he wasn't trying to throw paper down your shirt.. J.s.

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At least the teacher doesn't throw paper down your shirt

Maybe he was crying because he's no longer Forever Alone! Me on the other hand, no body pairs up with me in science class... *sad face*

# 19- Is that because you're too smart or too dumb?

It's probably cause I'm 23 and no longer take science classes. Just sayin'.

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25- So you just randomly show up to a science class ... that might be why no body wants to pair up with you :-P

Yeah the police came to the local middle school I was at and said they were gonna pair me in a cell with a guy named "The Health Inspector." :/ (please tell me y'all watch the Boondocks)

#25- Thought you were talking about your life back in high school.

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You must be really dumb.. No offense.

Well seeing as how I'm kinda a scientist (I'm an Engineer) I can do whatever the **** I want! As long as my boss says its okay...

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No disrespect intended, but you look like a soldier.

Who me? Why yes, I'm a Nuclear Propulsions Engineer in the Navy. Your powers of observation are mind boggling...

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By soldier I meant Sexy Obviously Lady Digging Impressive E......... Ok I'll stop being a kiss ass now

Oh psh I'm blushing! Just kidding, can't do that through the Internet. But yeah, I wasn't kidding about being in the Navy, creepy how your acronym spells out my profession!

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Smart people tend to cry at the hands of idiots. Im an idiot and make smart people cry when theyre paired up with me :/ Just kidding :P

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43- this may not refer to you exactly, but I'm guessing those in the Gulf near Iran are Navy...let's hope for the best nothing happens. Much respect to you though.

44, do they look like your profile picture?

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Well **** you guys then... my teacher would sit there and flick paper in girls shirts.

#19... we can storm the middle schools together and find our own dang science partners!

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I guess you could call this.. a 'cry'sis :D .... :[

Looks like you guys don't have chemistry together. :D

It's a crysis alright. OP made the poor soul have the need to cry for the sad fate of humanity.

2- Hey, that game is much cooler than the OP.

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41- Leave. Just do us all a favor, and leave.

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I'm throwing in a negative and saying it's because he's going to be doing all the work.

I guess they don't have chemistry* would be the correct pun :)

Are you sure he didn't just have something in his eye?

Or maybe he had.. um.. allergies. The kind that only hits nerds when paired with children with.. less than average intelligences :3

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I'd like to know what OP's grades are. Would clarify the FML, but we can probably figure the OP isn't that smart when it comes to biology. Or OP is a bad person.

if op was a bully, this wouldnt be a fml

As an honor role student, I'm always scared of partner projects. The fear is your partner ******* up the project/having to do all the work because of a slacking partner. D:

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Maybe the kid is borderline failing and doesn't think OP would help him with his grade.

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He either really doesnt like you or youre just so damn stupid that hed cry at the very mention of being your partner.

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Stop throwing pieces of paper down his shirt you meanie! :|

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He also sounds like he'll make it farther in life than you.

Not meccessarily, 17. Good grades don't automatically equate to success. Anyway, who cries over something as petty as that? I've been paired up with shit students before, it's not the end of the world.

Good grades may help with success. But so is learning how to deal with stressful situations. Thumb me down all you want, but crying?

Sounds like he is book smart, but lacks in other areas.

Nobody seems to want to say it, so I will: He sounds like a ******* pussy. We were all thinking it.

22 - Ya probably, or maybe she is so dumb he's weeping for humanity.

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26 is right, this has almost happened to me. I didn't physically cry, but my insides curled up into a ball, trembling while they rocked back and forth. It was a traumatizing experience for them. That's the extent some people's idiocy reaches.

I agree with 22... I get crappy partners and groups all the time and have had to do everything more times than I can count but I never even got close to crying.