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Today, I had an extreme panic attack in the middle of class. I interrupted another person's presentation, burst into tears, and ran out of class whilst everyone looked at me. FML
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You should see a doctor they can help you control that.

you're okay. it happens. I'll bet at least one other person in that class has panic attacks too. and there there's probably a couple more who have friends who get them.


You should see a doctor they can help you control that.

This is very true, but it's not a sure thing. My attacks are very severe and cause me to black out (I go about the day but in a fugue state and might endanger those around me and myself if I feel threatened...which isn't much in that state). Doctors have me on more than a few pills but nothing works...I just try to go about my day hoping I don't have an attack...I hope, and I do mean this because I'm living in a nightmare and wish this illness on no individual, that the doctors can help you. If not, you're not alone. It's not an easy life, but I'm making my way, so can you, OP.

Yeah or see a therapist. It can help a lot. My therapist burns cds for me and has made my life noticeably easier, i still have anxiety but it's better than no help

I feel for you 33. At one point my doctor thought I was having seizures because my panic attacks were so bad. I went through extensive testing and everything came back normal. Meds did nothing but give me horrible side effects. I ended up seeing a chiropractor for a completely separate issue and it turns out the treatments helped to lessen my anxiety a lot. Might be worth a shot (while still on your meds, at least for now). Feel better.

If you weren't presenting, why did you have a panic attack?

Panic attacks usually just happen without any notable reason. it's a feeling that builds up inside. a feeling of fear and Danger. no matter where you are what you do it can happen. even while just sitting on the couch doing nothing.

you're okay. it happens. I'll bet at least one other person in that class has panic attacks too. and there there's probably a couple more who have friends who get them.

actually, i have never met a person who has panic attacks yet. Even if i did, OP's panic attack seems a lot more serious than the usual ones

Yeah, it's a lot more common than people think, even if it isn't as frequent as other people. I have awful panic attacks quite frequently and can relate really well to this FML. My fist job I had a panic attack and quit within 4 hours in the middle of the mall. Most embarrassing moment of my life.

30, panic attacks are usually a lot worse. You might be thinking of anxiety attacks, as they aren't as severe but a hell a lot more common.

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Talk to your doctor or school medical advisor.

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I don't know why this is being downvoted, it's true. if OP's anxiety is beginning to manifest itself in the form of panic attacks than they should most definitely seek medical help, panic attacks are hell to deal with on your own

Common sense isn't always well received here. If you try to understand why somethings get down voted, it will send you crazy.

You know there is probably medicine that can help you with that?

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Yeah, I think it's called Good Weed. Approved by the FDA.

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The presenter probably thought "god! Am I really THAT terrible??" Lol, fyl and f his too.

If that happened to me I probably wouldn't of been able to finish the presentation. Sucks for both parties.

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It drew the attention away from the presenter, so they probably felt a little better then.

Typically someone giving a presentation wants the attention to be on them...

Medicine isn't always the best route to take. A lot of medicines can be harmful and some don't work at all. I had to go through quite a few anxiety medications before I was put on the one I am currently taking. And even that seems to work less now than it did before. Please don't be quick to jump on the medication cart, OP. Sometimes it's better to find natural ways to curve anxiety rather than pumping your gut full of meds.

no. That's the whole point of being on different medications, some work and some do not depending on the person. What 'natural ways' do you have that cure anxiety? It is not necessarily something that can be cured, it is something that is managed.

I said "curve" not "cure". There is no cure for anxiety. I just feel that people shouldn't be telling OP to jump straight to medication, there are doctors who feel that natural therapy and coping skills will help ease and lessen anxiety. I have not tried this, as I don't want to waste my time in therapy when taking a drug with so many different side effects is a lot easier. There are ways to lessen anxiety on your own though. Completely. I've found that taking deep breaths and talking it out can help, I've found that just holding my head and looking down has helped, I have also found that having someone with you to help you through it is all better than taking medication. Don't jump down my throat because I say there are natural ways, because there are. I have extreme anxiety to the point I cannot leave my house at times, but I live with someone who can be at my side at all times and looking at them for support is helpful in a lot of ways medicine isn't. I'm not saying don't go down the medicine route if you absolutely need it, but I seriously think that most of it is a bunch of bullshit and doctors are trying to get people out of their hair. My doctor even told me that she thinks medicine is a waste of time and it won't help, while she handed me a prescription. I don't always believe that it's okay to throw it out there when you have anxiety, because some are easily addicting and it can be more harm than good.

I don't know why you're getting down voted. Just because a doctor gives you a pill, even if it works, doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to try and relieve symptoms on your own. I found that meditation helps me more than any anxiety meds ever had. Make it a part of your daily schedule, and practice breathing exercises when you feel tense. Many times this has stopped panic attacks for me. Sometimes I need the medication, but I don't like the idea of being dependent on it. Finding a way to heal naturally was the best choice for me.

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#8're a huge commentator ma'am.

I'm trying very hard to understand your argument here, 12. You are saying that OP should not go straight to a doctor seeking medicine because of possible harmful side-effects and try natural remedies first to help manage his or her anxiety. At the same time, you yourself are taking those same medications because you don't want to "waste your time" with natural remedies like therapy. Am I missing something?

That's right, I don't want to waste my time on therapy because therapy is a bunch of bullshit. Therapists don't believe in their practices and it's a whole lot easier to get anxiety meds from a regular doctor than a psychology doctor. What I meant is that OP shouldn't jump right to meds. Everyone is different. Everyone works differently, which means that one thing may not work for another. I don't think it's okay to go and tell OP to see a doctor right away. I gave my personal experience, it's not an okay thing to take meds all the time but with someone like me, I don't like doctors and would prefer to just take the meds, however I don't think OP should do the same. Doctors are so quick to throw medication at kids and send them off and that's the problem. Instead of getting to the route of the issue, which they should be focused on they prefer to toss meds out like people are animals. All I'm saying is if my kid personally had anxiety, I would try other routes of helping with it than saying here you go, take whenever.

Why don't you try all this stuff you're suggesting instead of taking meds then?

I wish to commend you for giving your personal experience. I know that takes a lot of strength. Now, you say that if your child had anxiety you would try other routes of helping them rather than grabbing a medicine bottle and "saying here you go, take whenever." I personally find that hard to believe. Would you honestly subject your child to what you consider to be "a bunch of bullshit"? I suppose my problem with your argument is that you say medicine is bad but admit you have tried no other alternative. You have done what you are arguing against and unless I am misreading the tone of your comments you would not change any of your actions. Don't get me wrong, I am not telling you to flush the rest of your meds in favor of talk therapy or meditation or oils. This is not my decision to make, about you or OP. But without trying any of these natural remedies yourself how can you say how effective or ineffective they are with any authority? Also, therapy is NOT a bunch of bullshit. Therapists believe in their practices, otherwise they would find alternative exercises much like doctors look at alternative medicines if one is not working for their patient. Yes, there are some therapists who are only interested in making money, and the same can be said about doctors. With the Internet, it's not hard to find a good one these days.

I have tried alternatives, as I said in my original post. I have tried talking it out, relaxing, I have tried not taking medications and I have done so well. Perhaps, I have come across wrong. I have tried alternatives to medication and I barely take my anxiety medication unless it's something I cannot get through on my own. I would rather take my medication than go to therapy because therapy is bullshit. Therapists are there for the money and I know this because I've been through countless amounts of them with no progress and they could not care less about you or your problems unless you are paying them to do so. The same goes for psychologists and psychiatrists, I'm not saying every single one is like that, but I've not yet found someone who isn't there for their own greedy purpose. So many people in that field would rather give you medication. I am completely honest when I say I would not put my children on any medication unless it was last resort, no other option, absolutely necessary. No way in hell will my child be medicated without a very, very good reason. They will not be given any anxiety medication because I hope to teach my child natural coping mechanisms. I don't need medication 24/7, I only take it when needed and they won't have medication unless it's absolutely needed. Please don't tell me how I'd be at parenting.

I have not told you anything about your style of parenting. As I said in my original post, I am merely asking questions to try and gain a better understanding of your argument. Yes, I have another. In your aforementioned comment you say there are doctors who feel that natural therapy and coping skills will help ease anxiety. You go on to say that you have not tried this, as you don't want to waste your time. Taking medication is a lot easier. Now you say you have seen a "countless" amount of therapists and barely take any of this medicine in lieu of your alternatives. This is the part that confuses me, because it seems to directly contradict your earlier statement. My question is about these coping exercises you bring up, the deep breathing, talking it out, anything else I may have missed. Did you discover them on your own or did a doctor or therapist teach them to you?

I am no longer going to respond after this because it's not worth the argument. I believe that OP should try alternatives before taking medication because it is healthier and they will be better off. Meds are more harm than good. Good luck, Op

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It's all right. Anyone who negatively judges you is misinformed. The rest will understand how crippling panic is. - Coming from someone who has suffered through chronic anxiety and panic attacks for six years. Still suffering, but what you will realize or what you will have already realized is that after the panic attack, you're still alive. The episode ends. Any anxiety or fear you have is treatable. I know sometimes we might feel that our minds are controlling us. "My mind is out of control, I can't control my thoughts" - The sooner you accept that controlling your thoughts is the wrong thing to do, the sooner you can truly work on adjusting your mindset. You don't need fixing because you aren't broken - you just need to change the way you view things. You can do this with the help of a counselor, or, if you're disciplined, by yourself. Keep a journal, write down your fears, assess them for what they really are - flawed perceptions, bias, and unnecessary. Be mindful when you have a panic attack, observe it like a scientist, discover your triggers.

It's ok op, any understanding person won't blame you for bursting out in tears because of a panic attack

I agree, panic attacks are tough to get through. Even more so in a social setting in which someone is not very comfortable in the first place.

ah, good ole fml, the place where helpful comments get downvoted and nonhelpful comments get liked... what a place to be