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95- I never mentioned rape or abuse of any sort. Just saying it's creepy, I've had plenty of people say it. It's not like I'm writing a comment to them saying 'person!'. The fact that my bubble blowing makes people say it is creepy as in blowing a bubble is normal so why state it the fact that I am?

  honne_tatemae  |  9

Yeah I would have called him out in front of her and then asked for a divorce, if he's going to pretend to his ex that he's single he's obviously looking for something with her - you should divorce the scumbag.

By  Tamu_Chan  |  0

Did you speak up? I wouldn't have let him say that. Or be like "Well why don't I let you talk to your ex, PAL, Il go talk to this attractive man over here.." wow, sucks OP. :(

  kristir9426  |  0

I would have immediately said "I am his wife" while shaking hands with her. At home that night, I would seriously express how wrong that was and completely flip out at him.

  xACIDDx  |  0

Dammit #106!

I was oh so close to getting through one day without seeing something stupid. SO CLOSE!

Thanks for ruining my dreams...asshole. ًج _ج