By sakurabunny
Today, our cable, internet, and home phone got shut off because my mother-in-law decided that since we are moving, it was easier to not pay the bill rather than close the account. We're not moving for another month and the account was under my name. FML
sakurabunny tells us more :
For the record: I gave her money to pay the bill since she works right next door to the company and i never got the notice's since she's the one who always gets the mail since my husband and I work full time and go to school full time. and before anyone asks what she did with the money, she used it to help pay the deposit on the condo she just moved into...AGAIN FML!!
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  PurpleRae420  |  0

No that's when ycanto up to the place and tell them what happened and DEMAND IT GET TURNED BACK ON because it's under your name like you said and show them proof that it is and you didn't turn it off! She can't turn it off YDI if you let this happen again

  yazah  |  0

Or suck it up and pay for it himself every other married person out there. Or live without cable TV for a month. If this is "FML" worthy, then somebody has a lot of growing up to do.

  sourgirl101  |  28

Unless the in-law is also moving along with the OP.

If you're moving to the same city you can sometimes transfer your account information over to your new place. Take charge from now on. It's your credit at stake!

  sourgirl101  |  28

TIJD!!!! I've been waiting for you to reply to one of my comments just so I can express how happy I am to finally see you back on FML.(:

Now, I was thinking the OP lived with the Mother-in Law and had things put in their name because the in-law can't establish credit on their own since they do stupid things like stop paying their bills.(:


Thanks Q. :D And of course, you could be right too. Either way, it sounds like it isn't the typical kid-mooching-off-parent situation. That's what I was trying to get at-- I just made a poor job of it.

  honey_bee_fml  |  1

When I still lived at home, I paid the cable/internet bill because that was something I needed for school. It was still under my mom's name, but I was the one paying it. Sometimes people arrange these things because it's easier than handing over the cash, depositing it, and then paying the bill. If the in-law said she was paying that bill (either because they live together and it is one of the bills she manages or because she was just helping them out), it IS her responsibility to pay the bill, or at least tell her daughter-in-law that she would no longer be doing so.