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you must have an extremely large nostril.

why would you want a closer look?


you must have an extremely large nostril.

Should of double tapped it's insect ass.

this is only the begging, soon the bugs are gonna take over. I warned you all but you didn't listen *maniacal laughter*

The OP (Of the FML) Totally deserved this. Everyone knows not to do those kinds of insane stunts around bugs.

I wonder if that BUGged you OP

HAHA Not really funny..

yah what's all the BUZZ about

he wanted a closer look because he was nosey :P

No the Chinese are gonna take over.

Why would anyone do a crazy stunt like that? YDI.

you always double tap, op, have you seen zombieland?

you should have made sure it was dead! smash that bitch twice.

I triple tap dem bitches

why would you want a closer look?

to enjoy the look of the splattered bug and all the guts ... or is it just me who does that ...

To maybe see what kind of bug it was lol I'm guessing it wasn't poisonious otherwise how would you be writing this FML if you were dead!

because OP was a girl and she thought she finally did something useful besides making a sandwich.

it was the dreaded Snot Bugger. it drills into your brain then makes your crawl into the sewer.

stomp twice everytime! lol

Yeah haha! It's like killing a zombie. Ever heard of "double-tap"?

BUG: 1 OP: 0 Will there be a grudge match?! Let's find out...

Sticky situation you there

it must have really been bugging him ;)

all i see is u like fuck yea start eyeing the bug then it flys up and gos into your nostril yelling fucker

haha fucking awesome comment man haahahahaha lol

pour water down Ur nose

That or sniff some drugs so he either dies or HIIIGH

arent you the genius.

That's awful. I hate when I'm going to bed and I hear a mosquito buzzing near me. You just know you'll wake up with a swollen face.

now snort some meth to make bug get high, sooner or later it will fly out

yeah. that'll help the problem!