By pygmalion - 26/09/2009 10:39 - United Kingdom

Today, after the most stressful two weeks of my life, I finally found a few minutes to sit down with a relaxing cup of tea. I went to take a sip, sneezed, smashed the mug into my nose, and dumped scalding hot tea all over my face and cleavage. FML
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You spilled tea all over your breasts? Oh man that is so hot.

I'm a burn expert can you send me a picture of your cleavage? I want to see the degree of the burn


Well the tea is worth it

hey first person to comment now im second!

thats hot

YDI for not drinking ICED TEA! hahah just kidding but FYL.

YDI for filling the English stereotype of drinking tea. Kidding. that sucks.

Belfast is in Northern Ireland, not England, love. Not the entire UK is England. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. I am from the UK. I am NOT English,

duuudee i think this is her!!

what the fuck does that have to do with anything

ALERT*: we have a violent sneezer. I repeat, violent sneezer !

pics or it didnt happen

YDI for not moving the cup be fore you sneezed and SECONDly FYL for the burns

Agreed. Most people move something they're holding out the way when they sneeze. I guess you were just a little too comfortable. But sucks about the burns, hopefully it was just hot and you didn't just pour boiling water in it. _____________________________

Hmm? Well, you should've had a moment to brace yourself (i.e. get the cup out of the way) before you sneezed. That sucks, but accidents happen. So long as you take care of the burns and stuff (hope you didn't break your nose), maybe there's something to be learned there. #5 Well, she was already sitting down and if she has any aptitude for making tea, then the water would've been cooler than boiling point when she poured it in and the tea leaves themselves would've been steeped for at least a couple minutes (if not longer), which means that it should be far less than boiling temperature. Of course, that means that "should" is the operative word there. It also depends on whether she really knows how to make tea properly or not.

i don't get what was clever about that... :S

i dont think he did that on purpose

lol "dear sexface" xD

this is why i hate tea

And that is why I hate you

You hate tea because it can spill? You probably should never drink anything again.

bet tht was a sight to c

Ouch. Maybe you should go for something a little stronger than tea...

I just lost the game!

hahhahahahha... oh ya first comment!

Did it take you 8 minutes to type "hahahahahahahh" or something?

You spilled tea all over your breasts? Oh man that is so hot.

Hot boobies! Hahahah.

It's on a bad sunburn level, I think I'll survive with hot boobies intact.