By Rach - 08/06/2010 14:24 - United Kingdom

Today, my cat knocked over a cup of scalding hot tea - but don't worry, the carpet wasn't damaged. It went all over my leg instead leaving a nice big scar for my holiday. FML
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That sucks. I'm trying to type this around my cat laying on the keyboard, so I feel your (emotional) pain.

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That sucks. I'm trying to type this around my cat laying on the keyboard, so I feel your (emotional) pain.

Agreed I know the feeling of always being surrounded by pussy.

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I actually , laughed out loud at your comment! :)

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pour scalding hot tea on the cat. see how it likes it.

If it's a scar it'll be around for longer than just your holiday.

#8 there will prob never be a better moment, nice!

lol, a brit drinking tea, who'd have ever dreamed...

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...a big nice scar for the rest I your life.


how would it already leave a scar if it just happened? overdramatic much?

#10....I actually lauged out loud too #38....well said. there will never be a better moment #8....holy hell; hilarious

I LOVE cats :) there so obnoxious and care free :)

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dang that's ruff. bad pun to say that dogs are better than cats cause when they do this you hit em. they can take a punch

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hey thanks. I'm just sayin, teach the thing a lesson. haha

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thank god that carpet and the cat are okay few that was a close one

Contrary to what you may think, you are not cool.

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PHEW good thing nothing happened to the carpet PHEW but still sux me got 2nd degree burns once O_O no fun

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that sucks but i love cats.!

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The carpet & the pussy... There's a joke here somewhere...

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Today I was walking to the kitchen when my "pussy" hit the table and spilled my hot tea. It missed my "carpet" but got all down my leg. fml

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Cats are evil. They're also worthless, so one of my part-time jobs is scouring classifieds in the paper to look for free kittens, which I then sell to local Chinese restaurants. I'm sure they are treated very ethically as loved ones of the family to the Chinese, but since they're always calling me up to see if I can sell them more cats, they must have a huge, happy family!

not to worry, just apply some fake tan!

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train your cat not to jump on the counter or table

its probably a burn mark rather than a scar, but either way it will be a big red mark

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Your Holiday??? That really sucks. FYL

this is another example why I don't like cats.