By Demotivation - 23/08/2013 14:12 - Germany

Today, I learned that when a heavily-pregnant friend asks about my progress with the baby socks I promised to knit, it's rather unwise to tell her, "Not to worry, we're set even if it comes out with a few feet too many." She's still crying. FML
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I agree, your life socks. (Anyone? No? I'll let myself out.)

Just walk away, OP. Just walk away.


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Oh damn. I misspelled believe. Im going to stop commenting now.

lmao. thanks for that.

Lol, the comment that says he will stop us the one that gets upvoted.

Just walk away, OP. Just walk away.

Geez looks like even women don't understand women lol.

Men don't understand women. Women understand women and that's why we hate each other.

Women see the stupid shit women write about other women on FML. And then they cry some more.

I agree, your life socks. (Anyone? No? I'll let myself out.)

It was good pun until that whole "I'll let myself out" thing.

Yeah, I agree, 7. 3's fame is feeting! Eh? Eh?

She just got caught up in the feet of the moment, as most pregnant women do. Don't worry OP she toes you meant well. Good luck on the socks.

Booo. get off the stage.

LOL oh my gosh so funny!

threer 30

LOL oh my gosh we noticed!

She's just overly emotional because of the baby- she'll get over it soon enough and be grateful for your knitting.

That's an odd way to tell her you've knitted plenty of socks lol

Are you referencing to twins?

No. To a birth defect that would cause one baby to have more than two feet.

Ah...I would remove my comment if I could...

Well, that would have been a good save for OP if she had thought of it.

I'm assuming 'heavily pregnant'

That's true...too late I would think...

Ahhh. Pregnancy hormones.

Pregnancy is just puberty making an encore appearance for 9 months. Gotta be ready for anything!

Octopus baby?

Lol same thought ^

Considering she said "heavily pregnant" my first thought would have been more along the lines of Shetland pony or Great Dane.

Octopus baby gives a whole new meaning to the octo-mom thing.

well... gotta be prepared for all possibilities


It's probably her hormones. Sorry OP!

That would not cross my mind to even say that, but I would try to make it up to her with some gloves possibly, minus the fact that you'd be set even if it had a 'few extra hands'