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I'm the OP. So, let's be clear: I'm "5'6" and height isn't a big deal for me. What was important to me was that he lied. He also showed up to our meeting stoned off his ass, and then proceeded to throw a muddy basketball at me (which got all over my new shirt). Definitely not Prince Charming. I got out of there ASAP! I guess online dating just isn't my cup of tea. Thanks for the FML though! :)

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He meant 5' 8" as two separate measurements ;)

I don't understand why his height is a deal breaker to you. I, being a tall woman, have never had any issues dating men shorter than me. Assuming you were also attracted to his personality and not just his looks alone, he should still be a viable boyfriend. That said, it is a little concerning that he would lie about his height, but he most likely does that because of women who immediately refused date him because of his height. YDI for judging a book by its cover.


He meant 5' 8" as two separate measurements ;)

Maybe she did too and was not pleased with the 3"

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neuronerd 28

Same. I'm 5'10" and I've dated guys from 5'2" to 6'8." It's actually usually guys closest to my height that have the biggest problem with it, because they're used to always being taller. Sorry, I love my heels.

The issue is he lied about something so stupid. What is stopping from lying about something more serious? And I am 5'9" and have never been able to date a guy shorter than me. And that is fine. It is called personal preference.

everybody has different preferences and finds different things attractive and it's not a crime, even if you disagree

I see it as a red flag. He's dishonest. He claimed he was 5'-8" but turned out to be 5'-3". If he is dishonest about his height, who knows what else he is dishonest about. Having been there done that with online dating, you see this sort of thing quite often. Many of the girls I met would post photos from 5-10 years previous and would look nothing like they do now. I found it rare that a girl would post a current photo of themselves, the ones that would were the ones I would try to date because they showed honesty and didn't try the bait and switch tactic.

Maybe it's the fact that he felt the need to lie?

Oh, I see! Short-shaming is still acceptable? If a girl claims to be curvy or "thick," yet turns out to be morbidly obese, we're superficial pigs for not thinking she's perfect. Ok, I get itx

neuronerd 28

Yeah...and it makes it impossible for actual curvy people to be able to describe their body. Back when I did online dating, I stuck with "athletic," which I'm not really, but curvy or average meant plus size/overweight/fat, which I'm not either. Tl;dr meeting people in person is way better than online dating

You can actually send an honest photo and let the chips fall where they may. I like meeting online because I can connect with someone I might pass up in real life. I think that works in my favor, too.

species4872 19

Curvaceous, buxom, voluptuous are all good descriptions of a curvy figure. While some may argue that such terms imply plump, not so. Although there usage these days appears to be a little rare.

lol calm the fuck down shorty

No, that's not my problem. I'm of average height. It just irritates me that girls openly discriminate based on height, when men are chastised for discriminating based on body shape.

We should all be free to discriminate based on meaningless appearance preferences as long as we expect / accept the same in return. Physical attraction is important, and nobody should be tricked into a date with someone they're not attracted to!

I like online dating because I don't go to clubs or bars etc... so it's kinda hard to meet someone though I have found unfortunately the personality does not match up. They can hold a conversation online but not in person.

neuronerd 28

Met my boyfriend at a friend's cookout. Several of my friends found their significant others through friends, be it at a house party, cookout, or at a friend's band's show. All these relationships have generally been more solid than those of people I know who met online (myself included in the past).

That's great if you have friends, I guess. I moved 1000 miles from home to start over ( many reasons, abusive family being one) and it hasn't been easy. Making friends in your late 20's sucks.

That's great if you have friends, I guess. I moved 1000 miles from home to start over ( many reasons, abusive family being one) and it hasn't been easy. Making friends in your late 20's sucks.

My friends and I are spread out and don't get to meet up much (2 or 3 times a year) due to distance and work schedules so it really isn't an option.

Personally I'm only 5'6 and that's caused problems with dating in general in the past. However, I would never pass up a happy relationship because of the height difference. Sure I was a little self-conscious when I was dating my highschool girlfriend who happened to be taller at first, but after three years you kind of get use to something like that. Nice job OP, you possibly just let go of the man of your dreams because he was half a footlong sub shorter than you. YDI.

Same I'm 5'6" and a senior in HS my gf is 2 year older and like 3" taller but yeah you get used to it I don't even notice

Is this FML not about the fact he lied? Like who knows what more he might lie about. 5' 8" isn't that tall either. So she obviously doesn't care that much about height. Come on guys. Lying=bad.

I'm only 4'11 and there was this guy whose online profile said he was 5'8, when we met he was actually about 5'2. Not an issue for me but he also spent the entire night on his phone so it was clear there was nothing there. I get that if he put his real height online he might have less luck but to increase it by that much is just a downright lie. You can't start a relationship on a lie.

This guy lied and didn't allow you to make a decision, and now because of the shock he or others accuse you of being shallow. You aren't shallow, you like everyone have prefences, but you aren't limited to them. Yet you were lied to, and that's not okay, it's just like ordering something online and it being the incorrect size or item. Not cool and you're allowed to be upset, hopefully you can point that out to him if you continue or part ways.

species4872 19

How shallow people can be. Look past what you see, you just might find something worthwhile.

InfiniteSecret 20

The problem isn't their height. The problem is they lied

I'm sad that he felt he had to lie about his height to you- but your reaction pretty much proves you would have not given him a chance at all if he had not. Your loss- he's likely too good for you, given your shallow reaction.

He lied. End of story. That's enough to make me not want to date someone, especially right at the beginning. What they lied about is inconsequential. I've been in OP's shoes and dated people online who were dishonest like that, it isn't something you want to do as you tend to notice a trend of dishonesty.

why does height even matter. it's about the personality in the end. looks change personality doesnt

You need to be attracted to somebody and people find different things attractive

InfiniteSecret 20

Seriously if you had any common sense you would realise that the OP is annoyed they they felt the need to lie about something that would be easy found out when they met. But sure let paint the Liar as the victim