By Anonymous - Ireland - Galway
Today, while clearing stuff out of the basement, I found my ex-wife's old electronic diary device from the '90s. I found the charger, powered it up, and had soon read all about out she'd been cheating on me for almost half our marriage with the guy she's now married to. FML
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  Zebediabolical  |  39

Honestly, if my ex-wife had been sleeping with someone else I'd rather have found out during the marraige. That kind of evidence would make a HUGE difference in the divorce proceedings.

  GeekGirl2000  |  13

Sorry for not specifying, I meant Why read her diary followed by an unrelated things you don't wanna know because they're might've been other things. like "Youre bad in bed" or something.

  Mortoli  |  30

Lol he probably either read to find dirty scoops or reminisce either way there was no reason not to read it either those or curiosity struck either way sry for your luck. I hope your ex and her new husband both cheat on each other in future that way they will know your pain.

  Kielnmsoftly  |  26

Why is this down rated? This was obviously a closed relationship with commitment and his ex was a cheating whore. She honestly doesn't deserve love since she gives it a bad name.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Like that reference? No? Okay?

By  colemarie10  |  8

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  PSYqualiac  |  17

She left it at his house for years. She also had the choice to take it during the divorce but chose not to. That's abandonment of property. It becomes his to do with as he pleases.