By Kellie - 31/12/2010 09:55 - United States

Today, I found a hidden camera in my room equipped with night vision and a microphone. My parents have been spying on me for at least the past year. FML
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did they record it? i want those tapes :D please? hehehe

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I hope you haven't been doing anything 0.o if ya know what I mean. my parents still have a baby monitor in my room. They insist that if somebody were to break into my house through my window at night I wouldn't hear it and they would. -.-

she should sell the camera i bet it would be worth alot since its night vision equiped

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they probably just think youre possesed. burn a pentagram into the living room carpet and get up in the middle of the night and stare at the camera blankly for a couple hours. that'll do it.

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i would mess with them on a daily basis, maybe that make them get it out of ur room

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if ur reading this comment, imagine everything you've done in ur room the last 365 days, how f***** would you be?

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I once had a childhood friend whose father had a camera in her room. Whenever I came over I had to get changed in the corner under the camera. He had the camera video thing in his shed and he was always in there, it was so f******* weird.

This scares me... I've always been paranoid about this. O.O

I think I'd have to move out if my parents saw everything I do in my room

i feel bad for you. you have to get your parents back for this.

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How??? put hidden camera in parents room... no thank you... like old and wrinkly... grosss

It was more likely your little brother that did it. You should carefully check the bathroom also.

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I had a friend who's little brother would sniff her dirty panties. So.... Yea, little brothers could be pervs.

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I heard of a guy who jacked off in his sisters panties. THATS nasty

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