By Anonymous - 24/01/2016 15:27 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, my dad wanted to show me a cool camera he saw on Amazon yesterday, so I let him use my laptop to find it. I realized too late that I'd forgotten to clear my browsing history. The suggested purchases section was filled with dildos and lube. He definitely noticed. FML
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A guy buying ****** and lube doesn't automatically make him gay, you know.

no straight person would buy that...

#10, So a guy buying his gf a toy is gay? Your way if thinking is flawed mate :)

Believe it or not there are straight men that enjoy anal play.

The male icon on the left of "Anonymous"...

Realized I made a mistake in this comment, so I'm editing over it.

#13 I see where you're coming from - I assumed OP was maybe gay or bi too, but actually a lot of straight guys like receiving anal, girlfriends buy strap-ons and things. It apparently stimulates the prostate and feels really good. It isn't necessarily just for someone who is homosexual.

How can you tell, Op may be a girl. Will it tell you on the app?

It was at that moment he knew, he messed up.

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Do you clear your browsing history every day?

I don't think you can sign in to websites in incognito mode

49, you can, although your auth token goes away when you close the tab, like you'd expect. It's moot, though, because when you log in, amazon now knows who you are - you can put on a big hat and sunglasses for a walk down to the ***** store, but when you say "HI, I'm Jack Offenschimdt, please send these ****** to my house," it kind of tips your hand. And next time you walk by the place on your way to get tacos with your dad, hope the clerk doesn't rush out to thank you for keeping him in business by buying gallons of lube. That's pretty much what happened here.

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this would made a pretty good vine tho , sorry for hearing that OP!

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you wanna go to war B lockay?!

If one of y'all says some silly ass name, this whole class is gonna feel my wrath

What about a Dee Nice.....where she at?

Op shouldn't be having sex. He WILL get pregnant, AND DIE!

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Insubordinate... and churlish.

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that's interesting, I would never buy that kind of toys at amazon. thats like buying condoms where the curious friend of your mom works.

And then her friend asks why you're getting them, as nobody would ever sleep with you.

lot cheaper to buy that stuff there then at a normal sex shop (and frankly cheaper than most adult-sale websites).

If he just "noticed" without saying anything that´s pretty cool of him