By Anonymous - 04/10/2014 14:58 - United States - Chicopee

Today, I finally got around to cleaning out my mother's things after her passing. In the process I found a fancy box. What did it contain? A collection of crack pipes. FML
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Hey, even crack users can be classy when they want.

Here's the real question. Who'd she leave them to?


Hey, even crack users can be classy when they want.

That's why whenever I'm smoking crack, the pinky fingers always out!

I pictured that its funny...

#37 I'm sure Rob Ford does the same

Mom has some explaining to do

From the other side?

is Someone trying to "crack" a joke here?

OP, if you wanted a joke, guess what's six inches long and not getting blown tonight? Your mom's crackpipe. On a happier note, sorry for your loss ♡

I don't think you should tell more jokes...

9-- maybe op can hire John Edwards of whomever that jersey lady is.

Damn you, Aero, for making me laugh at a fucked up joke

#23, that was absolutely terrible, regardless of your failed attempt to make it "okay" with that last sentence. In the future, please refrain from communicating whatever asinine thought comes into your head. Thank you.

I'm one of those people who deal with sadness, frustration or whatever with humor. So while these jokes some think are inappropriate and "asinine", maybe that's how they cope. Just sharing my opinion.

Gotta keep your priorities straight.

could be worse?

How.....she's dead

Here's the real question. Who'd she leave them to?

comment+picture=one hundo

This post really cracked me up. *Waiting for the downvotes*

You got what you asked for.

"And that's the first time I sucked dick for crack" Chappelle's Show reference x)

Best to just get rid of them, my condolences for your mothers passing.

I agree, (carefully) break them and dispose of them.

Sell em to RoFo and tape it

Sorry for your loss, at least you know your mom had good times.

She died a pimp.