By ali grace - 14/05/2011 11:15 - United States

Today, I skipped school and stayed home without telling my parents. My mom came home on her lunch break with another man, and had sex in our living room. I'm stuck in my room, listening to my mom cheat on my dad. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Come out of your room and walk past whistling with your hands in your pocket.


but on the other hand you kinda deserved it for skipping school lol

You better tell your dad. Cheaters suck.

sydmadhurf 6

how does someone deserve that?! it's not OPs fault that his moms a cheater!!

CateXOX 0

19- I agree. OP shouldn't have skipped school, but her skipping school didn't cause her mom to cheat. Even if she didn't stay at home to find her mom cheating, her mom would still be cheating, and that's not OP's fault.

oh yeah I didn't mean it like that... I just meant op only deserved it from staying home.. sorry for the misunderstanding..

Sometimes you need to nut up or shutup bust out there in balls of fame. NO NUTS NO GLORY

staceysgenesis16 0

i agree , it sux big time. you should kick the dudes ass and then kick him out of your house. then tell your dad.

staceysgenesis16 0

49 stfu.. chances are your still a virgin.

can someone ban ballin? he seems to have overactive hormones and the IQ of a cat turd.

iAmScrubs 19

49- I've been seeing the most immature comments from you. I'm still a teenager and I may make the occasional mistake, but at least I always have very good etiquette. If you are not going to post comments in a mature way, don't post comments.

dezinspaaace 0

#4- nobody should deserve that, think before you post.

fightin4fun 0

walk in on them so she knows you know she cheated and make her beg you and bribe you to not say anything to your dad. don't let the bribes work though and tell him when he comes home.

dude I'd mob down stairs with my phone and take some pics. then pull the whole, "well well well mom... looks like I hold the ball now" make insane demands. and show your dad anyways lol

BigBoiToys 0

You should be a man and kick that guys ass for your dad

Just tell your dad before he contacts the show "cheaters", I really hate that show -.-

octinate 17

burst in and blackmail them?

Kn0wledge123 21

Take pictures and yell your pops. Why take pictures? Because love is blind. He may not believe you if you just say that the woman he loves and vowed to stay with forever is a *****. When divorce comes around, chose to live with the ol' boy since your o'geezy is a **** and a bad influence on your adolescence.

yeah OP you should take pictures. or later in the day be like " you love dad?" to your mom and tell her that you know. god I hate cheaters

dude I wouldn't have listened I would busted in with a bat and beat the shit out that guy

Leverage! She can never ground you again lol.

I came a little late what did 49 say?

well OP that's what you get for skipping school. but that does suck, maybe tell your dad?

FuniiBunii 0

You should've come out , what a pussy! If I were you I would come out and kick the man in the balls and tell my father, and would never talk 2 my mom

squishy01 0

17- Cheaters suck, and so did OP's Mom that day. ;D

hook_em 0

142 thumbs down that has to be a record on here

alexg823 0

wow, I don't know what say besides that really sucks

tjv3 10

you should have busted her ass. then tell her that she better give you everything you want or your telling. then snap some pics for proof

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imthatguythatdid 0

Black mail her ass and tell her you want anything you want unless she wants to get busted!!!

violetdabomb 0

Dude you need to do something.

agreed leverage use it maybe s new phone, money stuff like that. you have been gifted!!!

who'd want a devils 3some with their mom...?

248 would you go really go downstairs to watch your mom having sex and takes pics of it???

You do NOT deserve that for skipping school! My, I wonder what kind of skeletons are in the closets of all these self-righteous people.

At least they didn't try to do it in OP's bedroom...

Why's everyone saying leverage from the mom? Best the moms ass and get leverage from the dad for telling

Gurljuice 0

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she was probably thinking about getting ready and climbing out the window

OP's mom sucks! Get it? Anyone? Never mind..

153 ! u said it mann ! hahahahahaha !

lmaoo foreal , i would of wished to be anywhere but home - p.s 80 looks dope lol

lmaoo foreal , i would of wished to be anywhere but home - p.s 80 looks dope lol

153 do you really want to watch your mom having sex and over that record her?

yohooooooo 5

wow... i'm sorry OP. That is awful. you need to speak up.

Words are not made cooler by repeating the last letter.

memily63 12

87- what does that have to do with anything...

memily63 12

87- what does that have to do with anything...

87 - People are not made cooler by saying that another persons action wasn't cool

yohooooooo 5

duudeee, 87, chillll. it's gonna be okaaaay. you know what I'm sayinginginginging?

alexalways27 0

Bitches are not cool when they cut people down.

87 he wasn't being cool by repeating letters he was stretching the word out like you do irl

that really sucks. it you should have busted her

agreed and if she gets cranky at you, blackmail her =P

LoveCali 0

You Should Have Recorded Her And Showed To Your Dad So He Can Believe You And Leave That BITCH.!That's Whats I'd With My Mom.

iAmScrubs 19

Come out of your room and walk past whistling with your hands in your pocket.

hook_em 0

you got to at least say hi mom as you walk by

Igor_g5 0

Yeah, "Hi mom" would be a nice touch. 

haha you could pure some headphones in and pretend you didn't hear it hahahaha

185 How can you get the sound of your mother getting stuffed in the next room out of your head?

ktpl44 3

I'd do that, then feign ignorance and act shocked when I walked on by.

ravensunnyd 0

are you going to tell your dad????

I don't think he wants to live in a broken family. And I just assume his dad has done the same.

I would confront the mom first since she's the one in the wrong. I doubt they're in an open marriage if she's doing this on her lunch break

probably not... but then again, you know when you assume, you make an ASS out of U & ME right?

I think him skipping school happened for a reason...

iReadFmlsFml 0

I would take advantage of this situation. Go down to the kitchen, "Hey what's up", casually grab some chips and walk up to my room. Blackmail, the power to solve your problems.

ahmo11 4

that is very rude, even if is mom is cheating that is still not the nicest word to say. and how is he that word???

haha this guy has his priorities in order! *high 5* but on a slightly more serious note...I think I would take her to the cleaners then tell dad. poor dude.

KenzieDanae 0
a_nutritionist 10

@91 and she would be doing it when? during dinner? i really doubt the parents would want the kids to know, this is the most likely time other than after theyre in bed that you would expect parents to sleep around in an open marriage...while i doubt thats what this is, your logic makes no sense. and whats with all the "blackmail" and "leverage" comments? i mean really, does your father mean nothing to any of you? why would you use a situation that could destroy your family just to benefit yourself? either tell your dad or make sure your mother knows this shit isnt gonna fly and force her to get counseling. jeez, what a bunch of self absorbed people you are.

Aww I'm so sorry! You should have gone in there for a "glass of water" and told your mom you felt sick so stayed home and by the way hope your having fun!

dudeitsdanny 9

I agree. Or just walked in and owned it like a boss. Grounded because I ditched school? You're ******* another man. Now shut those legs, get off your back, and order me a pizza!

Dino1234 0

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your picture is gross. no ones wants to see your nasty ass feet.

ImTotallyAsian 0

Wtf what if your mom did the same thing!?!?!?

jayellef 3

while I think you should run and tell your dad, my first thought is to tell your mom what you heard and get her to tell your dad herself. reminds me of the movie, The Dilemma. either way no good will come from it. good luck. FYL

Are you sure it was another man? It could have been your dad.

CateXOX 0

OP probably saw it was another man, or had good reasons to believe so.

FreebirdIII 1

Dad was not available for the nooner with mom, he was with his secretary.

theBadGuy37 9

She probably said something along the lines of, "You're so much better than my husband!" Anyways, kill her so your dad doesn't have to. Since you're a minor, you'll probably get off a lot easier than your dad. Early Father's Day gift?

johnnie254 7

Another man? Let think this over now. If it were the OPs dad, then wouldn't he have known from his voice?