By yourstruly - 11/2/2010 19:40 - United States
  Today, I woke up to the sound of someone having sex in the room next to me. I don't have a roommate. Turns out my mom thought I was out of town and used her extra key to bring a guy over for sex. FML
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  maa_rico  |  4

my bad op I didn't mean to wake u up but your mom I a good fucking MILF, I already told her not to be so loud tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, and the next day............................... and the next day.

  pongmaster  |  0

ewww that's disgusting for you, take back that key so your mother doesn't have to tell her new son "hey, you were concieved in your brother's house on accident, and also, he knew all about it"