By Anonymous - 18/10/2013 16:26 - Norway - Ytre Arna

Today, my mom let me stay home from school, because I was sick. We both agreed not to tell my dad, since he's adamant that I never miss even one day of school. A few hours after my mom left for work, he came back home, with another woman. FML
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I think you just found out why he never wants you to skip school

LunaKitsune 19

I'm so sorry :( did you tell you're mom?


LunaKitsune 19

I'm so sorry :( did you tell you're mom?

tjv3 10

Dang that SUCKS OP. I'm sorry. Now you know why he didn't want you staying home. You should def tell your mom if you don't she might feel you betrayed her

perdix 29

#1, not so fast! Maybe Dad could make it worth your while to forget about what you saw. You could probably get a new car out of the deal, and your mom will probably find him out on her own.

SuperMew 22

Perdix, you're usually hilarious. But this idea is terrible. The mom has a right to know.

perdix 29

#81, it's not a real idea -- it was a joke. I come here to make jokes, not dispense actionable advice. Too many people have sticks up their asses these days. If people wanted legitimate support for their problems, they'd go to sites for that, or even seek professional help. People post to FML to see what jokers like me can do to help them laugh it off.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Good luck explaining that to the rest of the community, pal. It's a bit ridiculous how some people take jokes on this site anymore. One wise crack about something that makes someone else insecure and you can hear the thumbs a coming. This is a site to literally laugh at someone else's misfortune, sure, you may sympathize, but you're also going to laugh. Oh well, thumbs come and thumbs go, best to try to get the most fun out of it as possible.

If that isn't an emotional speech, I don't know what is. Give them a standing ovation. I have a tear in my eye. That was beautiful.

people are too sensitive. I once got reported for saying "first world problems" people can't take jokes anymore

>:0 "I come here to make jokes" *gets all serious*

Perdix for president.

Woah why tell her yet!! Time to black mail him.

rebellionwars 11

Did you tell You are mom? Really?

rebellionwars 11

Cause that makes them any much better.

Stop embarrassing this site #178

Ouch.. Sorry man. Now you know.

I hope he took pictures of it, and shows his mother.

Well maybe the "I won't tell if you don't" might be a viable option.

Zimmington 21

Now they both have a secret

MzZombicidal 36

37, first of all, that's ******* horrible. Second of all, not tell who? The mother? She knows OP stayed home and she deserves to know the man she's married to is cheating on her.

#2, #33, the OP is female. Since her dad is Adam Ant, she should make him stand and deliver his balls to her mother for disposal.

for goodness sake people!! 37 was making a JOKE

Doesn't matter. Wasn't funny.

guyz take a joke but that was a bad one i admit..OP hopefully u oki now but u have to tell ur mom , i am sorry about ur situation.. but u cant keep this secret....

#131, it was VERY funny actually. I suggest that if you don't like this kind of humor, that you **** off now rather than becoming a pain in the arse to all and ruining the FML community.

I think you just found out why he never wants you to skip school

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summerguy97 16

You have a point, but I don't think truancy has anything to with infidelity.

It's hardly truancy if someone is sick.

I agree. And hope OP told mom about the jerk.

I think this may be the reason your father is opposed to you staying home during the school day. You should tell your mom.

Zimmington 21

Snitches get stitches

gczizza1997 15

The only person getting stitched will probably be ops dad

I bet he was even more suprised than you.

beautifulsoul89 11

Take pictures or record that shit. Your mom MIGHT not believe so having proof will help you. I would beat this other hoe up if I was you, call your dad out. Your mom doesn't deserve that!!! If you love your mom you would do anything to protect her even if it means losing a relationship with this so called "dad"

I have to disagree. Not asking the father why he did so and immediately telling the mother won't fix anything AND could destroy the relationship to OP's father. Maybe asking why and encouraging him to talk to the mother would be a thing. If he rejects that than I'd tell her. And pushing the OP to tell her but "if OP really loved her" means to take sides and that's a pressure no child at any age should have to face.

Corrupt_waffles 13

I think we all know exactly why he did what he did. He couldn't keep it in his ******* pants. I know this is going to sound harsh but cheaters never change no matter how much you 'talk' about your little feelings with them. They know what they did and that's why they hide it. They don't care and never will.

Not asking the father why he did so?! Why else would the father bring another woman home? OP didn't state it was a woman they knew like an Cousin, Aunt or someone they know. OP should let the Dad know that she knows so he can tell Mom. If he doesn't, OP... you better not hide this from your Mom. This is not something to hide. It's not a sick day from school.

cooterpie 11

Beating this "other hoe" up might not be the best idea. She may not known he was married, but his ass certainly did. Don't just start kicking ass without knowing details first.

frizz101 22

57 he took her to his home he has a family with, I think the FAMILY pictures might tip her off, if you don't want your mistress to know your married you usually have you "relationship" at her house or hotels. OP I'm sorry your dad is a lying cheating scumbag, hopefully your dad hasn't been cheating long and your parents can work through it, but if they can't I hope your mom get custody and the house in the divorce. It may suck now but trust me, it's better than staying in a house where two people can't stand to look at each other. It can get violent, but mostly it's just so depressing....

SuperMew 22

What the dad did is disgusting, but there is no need to beat up the 'other' woman. She is not the one who betrayed the mother, heck she might not have known he was married.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#68, not everyone has family pics up. We don't at my house! Maybe she REALLY didn't know he was married, she might've thought he was a single dad. or not known he had (a) kid(s) at all. If she didn't, hopefully she(along with op's mom) will break it off when they find out.

I have to disagree with #6 and #38. Unfortunately I was in a very similar situation and I was daddy's little girl. No one is acknowledging the pain OP must be going through also. When I found out I even felt betrayed so it took a lot of courage to tell my mother. And yes OP even if it hurts your mother should know. I told my mom and my father was pissed and our relationship was never the same, but the doesn't mean he disowned me. He knew he was guilty and was dealing with the consequences. Yes I helped my mother through the journey, yes when ever they argued I took my mothers side to the point that I told my father to **** off, but I wasn't ready to lose my dad. In time your dad will know you did the right thing and he can't get mad at you for what you did. I am closer to my mother now but I still have a relationship with my dad. I text him everyday day and see him maybe once a week. It hurts but I couldn't fully lose him, nor could he fully lose me. Either way op sorry for the long message. Moral of the story tell your mom even if your scared shit is going to hit the fan, be strong for her. If you still want to be in your dad's life because he is your dad after all he will still want you there no matter what.

punz 7

Really, Then can you come by just after 8:30? Park up the street and come around back. If a Escalade pulls into the garage you may have to grab your clothes and jump out the window. Don't worry though if you hear shooting she's not that good with her Walther PPK. I guess my point is, if the **** doesn't know she's screwing a married man she's an idiot.

I caught my dad cheating on my mom when I was 16.. I didn't even think to ask "why" he would cheat on his loving wife of over 20 years. Why? Because who cares??? If you're unhappy, leave! But don't be a spineless cheater, that's the cowards way out! And for the record, after we found out about that affair MANY people (family friends, coworkers and neighbours) came out saying he had tried things with them and they knew of others so even if the answer was "it was a mistake and it won't happen again" I call bullshit. Once a cheater, always a cheater! Period.

I completely agree

frizz101 22

106, even if you don't have family pictures up, there are always was to tell if it's a family home. For one if she doesn't know he has a kid, why would he be living in a house and not an apartment? And if OPs family live in apartment, why would a single man with no kids be living in a two plus bedroom apartment? Why can the two of them have a "relationship" during school hours? All in all it's very easy to tell when a man is married if he takes you to his house. And most times they tell the other woman that they are married or in a relationship, so that the other woman doesn't get "any ideas" that he is gonna Marry them.

well now you know why he never wanted you to miss school :/ ass

And now you know why :/ sorry OP!

Well, no offense, but your dad is a cheating bastard

Yes, offense.

Woah! You really enlightened us with that notion, 10!

ColbyGB 13

He wants you to get straight A's at school so he can stay home and get straight D's

euphoricness 28

I don't think OP's dad is the student there. He's the teacher because he's not getting the D's, he's GIVING!!

jasmine2301 25

28, Stop.

Mysterious_one 26

think u meant he is getting straight P's

jasmine2301 25

65, you can't get P's in school, therefore your comment is inaccurate.

Dusty_Busters 15

Booo @ #65