By dentistrygirl - 03/05/2012 19:41 - United States

Today, while I was sneaking a boy out of my room at 2am, I ran into my mom sneaking a man into her room. FML
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Well thats a sticky situation.

Did you legit just comment so you're the 2nd?

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This comment made me think of Borat.

47 You got to remember this is magical Internet land.

Well at least we know she's just as sneaky as her mom.

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...and then OP's boyfriend said "Dad?!"

Well... At least OP can't get in trouble that way? Yeah.. I know.. Parents can be hypocrites about that stuff. Commence thumbing down

It's like tag-team (naked) wrestling! Just tap one couple into the ring, while the other goes out! ...No? That was just me? Okay, I guess that's my que. *Awkwardly walks away*

Oops, that was supposed to be *cue. Stupid auto complete.

I'm sure the two guys high fived each other.

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"If you keep my secret, I can keep yours". I'm just taking a guess at how your conversation went after.

OP never mentioned her dad. perhaps he's passed away or the mom is divorced

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No, he's just excited because his favourite band, 'Crunchy Rat' is coming to town. Crunchy Rat! Woooo!

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"Maybe we can find a deal that can benefit us both..."

Like pretend that none of this ever happened

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It Doesn't say OP's Moms Married

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Their conversation should have gone like this: OP's Mom: "Let's just pretend as if this never happened." OP: "As if what never happened?" OP's Mom: >;-) OP: ;~)

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Did yall walk away slowly?

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Your mum's a player! haha, good on you for having a mum with so much personality

95- I don't think your parent sneaking someone into the house counts as someone having 'personality'...

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it does considering every mum I've ever had has been the complete opposite to that. at least if she's being adventurous it shows she has some personality.

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167- So you're basically saying having a dirty ***** for a mother is a good thing because it gives her a "personality"?! What have you been smoking??? O.O

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how many mums have you had??

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Like mother, like daughter!

I just love the honesty in this family...

The only way this fml could have gotten any better was if they both ran into the father sneaking some girl into the house at that moment. ;)

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113: I disagree; what would've made it better would be if boyfriend and manfriend had high-fived as they passed each other in the hallway.

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I put this comment on purpose to get thumbed down. I wanted the experience and I can do whatever the hell I want.

You had your fun, now it's your mom's turn!

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"From you alright? I learned it from watching you!"

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Great reference! I don't think many here remembered that old commercial, haha. "Parents who do drugs have children who do drugs"

Hey at least she can't get mad at you!

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Actually, she can. The mother is grown, and her child isn't.

It's called "setting an example". And sure, technically she can get mad, but she'd be a Type A Hypocrite for sure!

Most mothers mentioned in an FML are irrational (from what I've seen), so she would probably yell at OP even if she has no right to.

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Oilers Suck Red Wings 4 Life

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Your comment sucks, but at least you have an unoffensive name.

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Actually she has every right in the world to get mad. It's the mothers house and she can do as she pleases. The mother is also responsible enough and has the means to take care of a baby if she got knocked up. The daughter who still lives at home probably wouldn't be able to take care of a baby.

Though if she was cheating on her dad, OP can just blackmail her.

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You could have a double date!