By Anonymous - 05/06/2018 01:30

Today, I decided to not hang in the library after school like I usually do. When I got home, I found my father cheating on my mother with my girlfriend, who said she was gay. FML
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I really hope the school you're talking about is college

The library would have been quite and less shocking


Maybe she meant “gay” in its original meaning. Happy and gay.

Maybe your dad said one of those Mike Pence “pray the gay away” prayers and it worked. Hallelujah! Or he’s Kramer...

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It wasn’t necessarily in his bedroom or the bathroom with the door closed. It could have been in a communal area. Or even OP’s own bedroom.

I really hope the school you're talking about is college

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The age of consent is 16 in most states, so while gross, still legal. But honestly, what high school kid hangs out at the library after school?

I know its meant in jest, but some people can't afford internet or 3G/4G Data. Libraries these days too also have good computers, and you can sometimes play mediocre games on them! I remember not having a laptop/computer for a while as a teen (15 years ago) and I went to the library all the time. It's quiet, you can work with concentration or you can read. It isn't bad or boring! :)

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Just hope that she doesn't become your new mom.

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wow there are so many things wrong with this... need more details... ages being one otherwise this could be a lot weirder

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Gay towards you and straight towards your dad. She didn't lie, she just didn't tell you she goes both ways.