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  christa953  |  12

really? disgusting, not shaving the legs in 6 weeks...what could be more repulsive? oh I know, not shaving the armpits! seriously op if u shave at least shave once a week for legs and armpits every or every other day

  Warm_Apple_Pie  |  21

You people have no idea if she actually needs to shave that often. Some people actually don't need to shave every other day because they naturally aren't that hairy. Keep your judgement to yourself, please.

  Flutist  |  3

Starchild, no one wants to talk to someone who appears desperate. While calling you names does not help you wish to remove the link to your myspace, it is annoying because this is not a place to advertise/get dates/be an attention whore--but those might be your joys in life.

This is a site dedicated to commenting on the pain of other people. By putting your myspace on there, you are living up to the expectation that you are somehow so amazing that we would want to contact you instantly. I suggest putting the link to your myspace on your profile where it will not infuriate people. Not to say I am infuriated. I just don't like people assuming their opinions are so amazing that people will instantly click their myspace. Myspace causes viruses, so you are pretty much acting like a whore, instant gratification, not making us work for it, and giving us viruses. Try to be classy and leave it on your profile, allowing people to choose to click your picture and find out about you.