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Today, my mom bought me some expensive Japanese candy. I opened it, and saw that each chewy candy was wrapped in a thin, hard to peel off wrapper. After trying to get each wrapper off, I determined they were unopen-able and threw them away. I then read the box, saying the wrappers were edible. FML
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  Kelan517  |  0

to all those ppl who are saying op's life isn't fecked over candy;
shut up this is a humour website, your parents shouldn't have to die just to get a post on it

  RokstaRx88  |  0

er 34 fortune cookies aren't even really Chinese they are some bullshit Americans came up with thinking it was cute. Confuscious say foolish man give wife grand piano for birthday. wise man give upright organ

  kitty0910  |  0

Botan Rice Candy
It's about a dollar (USD) per box. it's rice paper covering a chewy citrus flavored candy.
Confucious also say:"Virginity like bubble, one prick... all gone!"

  jisaac09  |  25

Actually, to the person who said to stick with fortune cookies was closer to being right.... The american fortune cookie is based on an japanese recipe and made in the US first by japanese emigrants....


76: Huh, never knew that. You learn something new every day. Gotta love America, where there's such a melding of cultures, you wouldn't know the difference between each individual one sometimes.

  rennyroo  |  0

I'm just trying to get this near the top. Anyways, the candy he's preferring to is probably called "White Rabbit" candy. It's very easy to over look the labels in all when most of the writing is in a different language. I used to think the same way as a kid. Don't tell people they're stupid for not "reading the label" if it was mostly in a different language. You'd be a hypocrite if you never did that yourself.

  pu13  |  5

ur an idiot op. If it was a white rabiit that would suck I love those. but as someone else pointed out those aren't from japan so ...

  gIsaac  |  0

ey 54 actually fortune cookies were invented by a japanese immigrant in San Francisco in the 1910s and that bull shit you're talking about was actually chinese restaurants thinking it was a good way to get customers by giving something that would have appeared exotic to them. Americans had nothing to do with it jackass AND it was modeled after the japanese tsujiura senbei cracker with a fortune in it sold at new years at temples in some cities. furhermore, they are sold in china and called "american fortune cookies" for the same cultural exoticness that they were meant to have in their early days in america so, the chinese are the supreme bull shitters in this case. are you chinese? cause you kinda look like it, if so don't get all defensive like a faggot and stop hatin on america the land of the fuckin free (I did a report recently about influence of immigrants on american culture and food btw)

  Krajjan  |  9

Wait. You failed to open it so you threw it away? God, I love morons. You guys always manage to keep me entertained. YDI for willful destruction of candy.

  littlebiggs23  |  11

Is isn't. OP clearly just said that to garner more sympathy. I can tell you from eating these particular candy with a rice paper wrapping for upwards of 15 years, they cost less than a dollar per package.