By kam3221 - United States
Today, I got in the shower, washed my hair and shaved because I wanted to look great for a big date. I got out, brushed and dried my hair and spent an hour putting it up in the perfect hairstyle. Running late, I quickly put on my new dress, looked down and realized i had only shaved one leg. FML
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  nopeace4me  |  0

Why would you only shave one leg? Wouldn't you be conscience enough to shave both? Anyways your date shouldn't care about shaven legs. If he does, he has a problem

By  GabriLee  |  0

#5... Sometimes, you really can. Depends on the hair color.

OP: It takes four seconds! Swing your leg up on the sink, wet it and use a bit of soap, shave quick and wipe it down with a wet wash cloth. IT'll hardly put you one minute behind and even if you miss a spot it's better than the whole leg being hairy.