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Today, I sent the texts "I love and miss you babe;)." and "Shit wrong person." to my ex just so he would think I have a life. FML
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FreshSalad 1

I'm sorry but that's pretty pathetic.


indielove 13

That's just sad. You obviously have too much time on your hands.

leadman1989 15

Next thing you know she'll be outside of his window singing Death cab for cutie songs.

YourEvilHero 12

honestly thought about doing this to someone once.... glad I didn't

Eskeddit 5

You can so obviously see right through it when an ex does that. All it makes you feel is haha I won that break up

#34 So true. If he is your ex he probably knows you well enough to think of you faking this. If he is not your ex, well...THEN you sent it to the wrong person.

So you DON'T have a life, Alyssa? When you sent me that text I actually believed you...

81 wait wait wait, are you being sarcastic or not? if not... things just got awkward

Women think pregnancy is painful try being noob tubed in MW3 O.o Haha just jokes u all my friends.

finalone34 3

Hahaha he says psycho and look at his pic... He might be on rooms.

110, either she is my ex, Alyssa who just posted this after sending me that text, or something like this happened to me in Ohio at the same time...

He's not on rooms he just got done vacuuming the lawn

176 confrontation time! this is why you shouldnt always post an fml moment ;O

176 Your listed as 39 years old...if this was honestly about you and you fell for it you might want to consider getting a higher education

It also says he's from Uranus. I always wanted to know... How's the weather there, evil potato?

lol imagine your ex was reading this? hahaha it makes me laugh. go get a life op ;)

215- you blind bro? Read the comments above you.

Yeah, his only thought was probably along the lines of "I really dodged a bullet by dumping that needy loser".

Idk I always made fun of assholes who sent texts to the wrong person but then I did it... not to my ex but to some random acquaintance which I think is more awkward than the ex. kind of sucked

FreshSalad 1

I'm sorry but that's pretty pathetic.

Before you know it, you'll be holding a boom box standing outside her window singing "Baby Come Back"

p3mguin 7

Hand held Household items will come out of the bush. Singing. God I'm delusional.

Llamassss 21

I don't think it makes a difference in the song?

jmtmxer 0

*ex reads FML* "I freakin knew it"

jmtmxer 0

Lol seriously ? How do you know ?

And then I went on FML to complain about it to the whole world. FML.

haileybopbop1 0
lazy_ella 7

It's hard but get over him that's how you have a life.


exactly. and when you're out of a relationship that's when you bring on the "I'm back bitches and better than ever!" attitude. and then you go back to whatever you did before the relationship. problem solved. cuz then you get your life back.

For a second there I thought your user picture was something else O.o

Even close up, I still can't tell what it is. WTF. Who's hands are those?

rosha267 21

Its really bothering me that I cant figure this picture out...

Its someone elses arm If you notice in the blackness, there is a neckless or graphic looking thing on the black shirt, and his arm is right under the guys head and I guess they're looking at someones leg?

KiddNYC1O 20
EvilCupcake8361 9

..what the hell is that??? haha I'm kind of afraid to know O__O

the black is my top, the pink is my trouser leg, it's my arm over his and he's looking at the floor lol. When I signed up to fml they just chose a random picture off my phone and it won't let me change it!

youcunthole 0

136 what the hell is your picture of?

My girlfriend is like my life, I don't have one.

p3mguin 7

It took me a while but I saw what you did there. I had to be honest.

namhowell 6

LOL pretty clever! I love smart ass replies.

197 - Well then we are going to get along fine, they are practically all I post.

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It seems when god was passing out logic, he decided to skip you.

God and logic in the same sentence? Hah.

I don't personally believe in it, but you shouldn't just blatantly insult someones beliefs like that. Its just rude.

leadman1989 15

14. I would blatantly and GLADLY insult the beliefs of MANY people including NAZISM and other destructive ideologies why does religion deserve a pass?

Reality_bites 14

I agree. I mean if you were truly over him, why would you still have his number? It seems like the OP is trying to make him think they've moved on. Except it seems desperate, I mean what makes the OP think he cares whether he hears from them or not or whether they have moved on or not.

Minx108 12

The justification for insulting NAZISM and other such beliefs would be the amorality/destructiveness, religion isn't therefore yeah.. it kinda is rude to insult someone's logic solely based on their right to make that personal choice. Insulting someone's elses beliefs when it's uncalled for just makes it seem like you are insecure about your own beliefs and therefore need to impose them on others..

leadman1989 15

"Amorality" Have you read the bible? Honestly. "destructiveness" 911 Religion CONSTANTLY tries to undermine science "and has to great detriment to progress in the past", it indoctrinates children (in my opinion harming them tremendously emotionally), It devalues women et cetera. BUT YOU'RE RIGHT. I won't just insult someone's belief for no good reason it depends on how they're acting. If they're civil I too will be civil.

#35 The Christian Religion(or better, the catholic church) pretty much screwed up all scientific progress during the dark ages, murdered thousands of people and imposed their beliefs on EVERYONE who wanted to live. Doesn't that sound... immoral/destructive to you? Also, you can insult someones logic based on their beliefs, BECAUSE believing in god and the bible is really. illogical.

Religion has been destructive to many. Religious people even more so. I'm not saying religion as a whole is bad - just that you can't really cite its non-destructiveness as a reason. (See: Crusades, Inquisition, WBC, etc.) I see what #6 is trying to say and it's a fair point. The ex might think "my number's still in her phone" or "when she's thinking of love, my name pops into her mind". OP, it's clear your life is not all that great if you even sit around thinking of dumb shit like this to do. Worry less about what your ex thinks of you and actually go out and have an enjoyable life.

Minx108 12

I should have left the word "religion" out of it... A lot passes off as religion these days. What I'm referring to is merely the belief in God.. I completely agree that the leaders of Catholic/Christian churches did amoral things in the guise of religion.. But that was clearly out of a hunger for power and little to do with God. 48 Please don't bother making general claims that believing in God is illogical or unscientific without any backing, for the record some of the greatest scientists would disagree with you... Isaac Newton, Albert Einstien, Max Planck 'firmly denied atheism' 47 I agree with your conclusion there, actions override beliefs any day..

Minx108 12

Oh and no I haven't read much of the bible I'm not Christian..

Well, #53, if you had read the bible, you'd know what I'm talking about

Minx108 12

Would you be happy if i put it on my reading list? :/ Its not really my kind of scripture though... I hear what your saying about the immorality though 55 but I associate it with corruption rather than God..

leadman1989 15

That's a LOGICAL fallacy it doesn't matter what those scientist believed it matters what evidence shows and so far there isn't any for ANY gods. So there's no logical reason to believe in any. It sounds like you're saying "well you can't prove there's no god" well I can't prove there aren't any invisible pink unicorns either does that mean they exist? And of course you don't associate corruption with your god if you did then you wouldn't be worshiping it... I wish all this weren't gonna get moderated there are some excellent videos that show exactly why what you're saying now is wrong clearly and respectfully better than I can in text. Do you mind if I send you one?

ikickgingers 15

Fight!! fight!! *makes popcorn*

Minx108 12

Not at, send it :) My (and Einsteins) reasons for believing in God are not simply because of no proof that God doesn't exist. I just didn't want to go into it considering how far off topic we got from the original post. Just quietly it's also because I kinda feel guilty about how looong my comments have been :/

leadman1989 15

I don't know about all those other scientist but I KNOW Einstein wasn't religious but even if he was that would still be an appeal to authority (a logical fallacy). Not to mention JUST as many great minds and world leaders have been illreligious. I feel guilty about these off topic long post too, lol. Pm me your YouTube and I'll send it over. :)

Minx108 12

I hate how you use caps lock! It frays my nervous! Lol Ok I PMed you... There's a typo.. Just overlook it, FML won't let me msg you twice to correct it..

I deserved that one. I see what 6 is trying to say and it's a fair point. The ex might think "my number's still in her phone" or "when she's thinking of love, my name pops into her mind". OP, it's clear your life is not all that great if you even sit around thinking of dumb shit like this to do. Worry less about what your ex thinks of you and actually go out and have an enjoyable life.

naomii776 7

She right. He/ she will just think that she or he sent the text on purpose

I have to say: 8 your picture is truly awesome.

At least you didn't get a reply saying "great. so glad you texted the wrong person. i am so over you and have moved on. glad to see you have too".

At least you didn't write it all in just one message

IKickPuppiesHard 16
N3766 20

I think you really need to get a life...