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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me through a text message. In retaliation, I started typing a long list of everything I hate about her. Just as I pressed the send button, she text me again saying "Just joking. You know I'd never leave you. Love you babe :)" FML
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Who fake dumps someone? Who dumps over txt msg? Gah, there is something wrong with your girl.


aDropOfSunshine 2

Right, right, because faking breaking up shows the utmost maturity.

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Silly app, this doesn't go here.

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I read your reply in Daria's voice, 13. xD

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idk what is worse doing that or just not knowing what to say... same thing happened to me but at least it was on April 1st

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send another txt saying just kidding babe ur perfect

they're both equally wrong! Op shouldn't be so immature about it but the girl shouldn't be messing with his feelings like that.

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That's not a funny joke at all. I hope playing stupid games was on your hate list, OP.

That list shouldve been longer to add a lil more time on that. Or i hope you said jk back

Even if OP does, it's hard to erase personal insults from your memory, especially when they have the ring of truth. OP, you showed yourself as a vindictive little shit and I wouldn't bother with you anymore. On the bright side, if you disliked so much about her, you can tell yourself you're better off. Cheers!

How is it vindictive to agree with the girlfriend and tell them where you viewed the relationship went wrong? You're SUPPOSED to tell your partner when you're having issues with the relationship.

But technically a that point they were not partners anymore. Or at least that's what he thought. I don't blame him. I mean it was bad but why would she do that. If my bf ever did that to me, I would be SOO pissed!

10 He was being emotionally played, and although that wasn't the best option, it seems the girlfriend is at fault the most here. If your significant other broke up with you over text message I'm sure you wouldn't text back "it's okay babe, ik u just jking". You would be mad. If you wouldn't be, I don't think you care about your SO enough.

JurassicHole 5

10 - I love how you ignore all the hints towards how much OP cares about this girl. Sure, that was harsh on his part, but to lash out in such a manner means he has deep feelings for this girl. If anything OP's gf should feel honored to know some guy loves her so much that he'd retaliate in such a huge manner to having his heart broken by her childish antics.

I think he should have told her it was 'autocorrect'. (:

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#87 You're right. Mostly because I don't text like that, I've never been dumped,

125, You can't possibly have a long list of things you hate about a person if your relationship is going well. And if you really do care about said person you don't go attacking them because they break up with you, you act like a normal person who understands that relationships sometimes don't work out and unless shes doing something explicitly cruel or deceptive then its not something worthy of insult. They're both idiots, her because she pulls cruel stunts like that and him because hes in a relationship in which he doesn't seem too happy - nobody HATES a whole list of things about their partner, they may find them irritating at times or frustrating, but nothing that extreme.

Bollocks. I'm an adult and if my husband tried to dump me via text, my response would be "wtf? Let's talk" not "here's a long list of shit I hated about you anyway so there!" I'm not justifying her behaviour but his response was juvenile and not the product of a healthy affection. This relationship is better off over.

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224 - You ignored what I was talking about and took it literally. OP was heart broken and in a very volatile state, more than likely justi listing stupid things he doesn't really "hate", but just trying to show her how much pain she put him through. Sure it's childish and moronic, but for OP to do that shows he loves her a lot. If he hadn't said anything and just accepted it and cried it would show he's ready to leave. When someone becomes hostile like that in an emotional state, it's because they don't want things to change, but at the same time are hurt so much they try to put some of their pain on the instigator.

254, I suppose that's a possibility, but as there is no indication as to this list not being completely accurate it seems unlikely to me. But assuming you're right, hes just a douche for being unable to act like a rational person, so I have no sympathy for him at all if that is the case.

Wow, that was a mean trick for her to play on you. She kinda deserved it. But you probably shouldn't have reacted that way either.

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he had every right to if he thought she broke up with him in text the most petty way to break up with someone.

I wouldn't say FYL, it's more FHL, because she deserved what she got, I'd say you're better off!

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Don't think "just kidding" will excuse a brutal and thorough litany of all her flaws an shortcomings.

well then it also shouldnt excuse something that would madden a person to doing that

ahaha if I were OP, I would pretend that someone took my phone and that it wasn't really me who said that

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Am I the only one thinking she is cheating on him and the message was meant for someone else but when she realized her mistake she tried to play it off as a joke?

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I agree 115. Why would you do that to your bf as a joke. Especially over txt messaging. That means one of two things: Either op's gf is an attention *****, or she's cheating on him.

105- I'm pretty sure OP mentioned some things about her that only he would know. Does anyone else really wanna know what happened next?

105 I don't think that even possible cuz he listed stuff that he hates about her which is not some1 would know except her Bf

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Op next time just listen to '100 ways to hate' by 5FDP, problem solved

155-omg! I saw ur pic on Pinterest! :)

I'm guessing her response was somewhere in the neighborhood of "Is that what you think? Well than bye-bye bastard." Of course I could be off by a word or two.

I say just be happy ending it with her. If she's gonna do stupid shit like that I'd be done with her. That's not even a real jone.

Or Maybe she was trolling. She was lookig for a reaction an she found it and loled. She did say I would never leave you. Time to put it too the test.

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Yes, a stranger would know specific details about someones girlfriend.

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Totally agree don't adopt it

Yeah I know right .. What happened after that

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While breaking up as a joke is rather untoward (and via text message is just childish), we have no direct evidence that this behavior was routine or even precedented. I would hesitate to call 'abuse' in this case. I agree that perhaps a breakup was the best solution, though, since he obviously had a long list of unvoiced issues with his partner.

I agree that breaking up was probably best, though, if he could think of a long list of unvoiced issues he had with his partner.

Hm, it seems the edit to my first comment did show up eventually. Apologies for the double post.

#14 Emotionally abusive relationship? Is that a joke?

It doesn't seem like an abusive relationship, but who pretends to break up with someone as a joke? It isn't funny, and it feels more like she was just testing waters to see how he would react because she is planning on breaking up.

Llama_Face89 33

65- little high school girls.

14-Where in the FML does it say their relationship was abusive?

When you play a hurtful joke on someone, expect for them to lash out and try to hurt back. Not always the best thing to do, but it is human nature. People do what his gf did as an immature way to get reactions. She should have been prepared for any reaction at that point.

If OP's GF needs that much attention, then she's probably just horny.

Tweekz14 5

123- no, maybe she's just stupid

137- all the more reason to enjoy being with her, if you know what I mean ;)

Yeah I hope so because no one can prove what the list is about. These idiots should stop assuming it's a list of abusive things

Nowhere. Idiots are just assuming it was abusive just because OP was able to make a long list of negative things about her, and they don't even have any evidence to prove that the relationship is abusive

#90 How come I got thumbed down, you got thumbed up and our replies to #14 were so similar? I guess a lot of FMLers aren't morning people...

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Umm the girl was being immature which caused the boy to be immature dimwit.

198 - Who, me? No, my profile picture is me playing airsoft at a site just outside my town. We get quite a few FCA and Defence Forces guys playing, sure, but I ain't one. :P

Who fake dumps someone? Who dumps over txt msg? Gah, there is something wrong with your girl.

That reminds me of that video "You Don't Text Message Breakup" (or whatever the title was). Of course, there is something to be said for the character of an (ex-)boyfriend that would lash out childishly by creating a list of negative attributes to send his ex.

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Not his girl anymore after what he sent her

Llama_Face89 33

High school chicks. I've seen it happen before.

I dumped over text because my ex asked me out over text. Plus I didn't like him at all and said yes because I felt bad. He's disgusting and weird and stupid. So yeah I think it's ok that I broke up over text

littletinyME 5

112- You have a point, but otherwise it really isn't acceptable.

JurassicHole 5

112 - You are a bitch! You lied to a guy by saying "yes" to a relationship you didn't want to be in, then you have the gall to break up with him over text? People nowadays have no "back bone" when it comes to breaking up, they just text a break up cause they're to much of a coward to actually do it face to face. Regardless of the guys flaws, you shouldn't have dated him "because you feel bad" that's horrible. Only bitches and cowards break up over text. As for your situation OP, you may have jumped the gun, but at the same time to retaliate in such a manner shows how much you truly care for her. So for her to do that, even as a (very horrible) joke, you're better off. Girls like that who tug on your heart strings aren't worth it. If things are worked out, as I hope they are then I hope you two have a good long relationship. If it ended there, then don't stay down for to long, you now know more of what you want in that one special girl and what you don't want.

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I remember a long time ago, I started dating my best friend, and things weren't working out. I called him and asked him if he would come over so we could talk about things, he told me he would try to be over. A few hours later he texts me and says he can't make it and told me to just text it to him. I didn't want to break up with him through text, but he didn't give me any other option. A few days later we were able to work things out, accept our relationship failed, and put our friendship over again. Still best friends. I cannot stand when people break up over text. No balls. Grow some before you get into a relationship. Guys and girls.

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Sounds like you did him a favor by leaving him. No guy deserves to be stuck with a shallow, cold blooded bitch.

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The only reason I've ever dumped someone over text is because he and I were long distance. I know I could have called/webcammed him, but I just knew how he was and chose the best solution. :s

omarzrgz 3

Apparently my ex-girlfriend does >.<

You're such a hoebag. why would you lead someone on like that? You don't deserve to be happy and you definitely don't deserve him.

Meh, I've done it before. I was young and didn't see any difference really. I saw it as a format in which I could word everything I wanted to say properly without having to worry about saying something the wrong way, or hurting her more by saying something inappropriate. It was the safer option not because I was too afraid to call or visit but because I was worried I'd be unable to make my entire point known, in fact they all seemed to be on the same level of shittyness in my head. I wasn't however aware that text messaging was seen as being so impersonal. I learnt from that mistake, however honestly I do think people get too caught up in the method of doing things. If someone broke up with me via text it wouldn't change anything in any way.

I was thinking the same thing and I'm glad you had the guts to call her out for it :)

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112 you are just the worst kind of person.

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My ex broke up with me through a text message cause she was too selfish and cowardly to say it to my face. Plus, she had to play the game she was addicted to.