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  mitchem  |  3

I personally go down to the underwear. it is cooler, and, as everyone has already stated, you don't get tangled up. I just can't bring myself to completely strip down.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

I'm LMAOing at this FML. Not just because of the original post, but because so many fools keep thinking that the incident involved two dudes. "Like father, like son." "Father-son telepathy." Really, people? It's a chick! XD

  Qluz  |  3

i dont know if im too horny or not. but i cant sleep naked because of the friction between my body and the blanket causes an erection


yeah, clearly #23 wasn't reading the comments. she was probably just picture cruisin' for some studs when she saw the cute lil' girl's pic. luckily for her, though, #28 showed up, so she gets her eye candy after all.


sorry Mofeelious, I'm not saying you're ugly or anything...I'm just saying that nothing says, "I'm a dorky Jew" like making your profile pic a picture of you being a dorky Jew. (and I'm Jewish too, so have your "you're a racist" posts please people)

  DocBastard  |  38

Chibi, thanks. That's my daughter in the picture. My sister is 31 and not nearly as cute. And neither am I, which is why her pic is up rather than mine. :)

FMLiest - I suppose it's possible that Mofeelius' pic isn't actually he. He may have found that pic somewhere else and used it. I don't believe half of the pics around here, even the "half naked in the bathroom mirror making a duckface" pics.

  BadMofeelius  |  0

41, First off I'm not a Jew. This is a picture from my college graduation where I was jokingly 'raising the roof'. I had already taken off my cap and gown, and I decided to throw my sash over my shoulders. So you are pretty much wrong about everything.


wow, triple fail for me I guess. on the other hand, now that I've read your explanation for what you're Really doing in your picture...I'm positive I got the dork part right.

By  Islander_fml  |  5

Kudos to you for sleeping naked. Everyone should try sleeping naked--it's the best way to sleep.

Haha, FYL about running into your dad, though. Actually, YDI. If you don't want someone to see you naked, don't leave your room naked.