By mydadsawsooomuch - 17/11/2010 13:26 - United States

Today, in the wee hours of the morning I decided to make a naked dash to the bathroom, unfortunately, my dad decided to do the same thing at the exact same time. FML
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It's not that bad. You seem to have forgotten this is the man that wiped your ass for 2 years.


Haha, father-son telepathy.


Why do you sleep naked (unless of course you did the unmentionables). YDI.

Oops, yeah. 

If your dad starts paying more attention to you, be very afraid.

OPs a girl

celticmarine2005 2

Because it is very comfortable sleeping naked, and you dont get tangled up in wearing pants or anything if you toss and turn a lot

celtic marine knows what's up. anyone who hasn't slept naked all wrapped up in a thick comforter is seriously missing outtt

FunwithBumperCar 0

Did your peni( plural of penis) touch?

I personally go down to the underwear. it is cooler, and, as everyone has already stated, you don't get tangled up. I just can't bring myself to completely strip down.

78 op is female.

starberries 0

#78, the plural of penis is penises or penes. Look it up next time.

sleeping naked is the best.

i think i may sleep naked tonight :)))

Nah Her Dad Is Just A Major Perv And Wanted It From His Own Doughter. Sad

yourmurderscenex 13

why so you can run into your naked dad?

darkzexs 0

incest. cool. lol

ooo can I come???

missmadii 0

it's a girl...

lolwut no because apparently sleeping naked is comfortable? also I don't have a dad so uh... that's cancels that out

C94Slim 7

Your spelling is sad

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121 please dont

150, I vote otherwise. I find her cute. I know, lame and depressing to say on fml, but hey, I genuinely mean it, and not even in a "let's hook up way". blarg.

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She's also jailbait. you weird, awkward pervert you.

It's not so bad every now and then!

TorturedXeno 27

I'm LMAOing at this FML. Not just because of the original post, but because so many fools keep thinking that the incident involved two dudes. "Like father, like son." "Father-son telepathy." Really, people? It's a chick! XD

#124, you shouldn't say stuff like that about her dad. You don't even know the guy.

*Daughter. And OP is a girl. Are you so blind that you didn't notice all the other people that have pointed this out? Fail


seriously who does that?

MrsLender_fml 3

haha in the wee hours of the morning, she saw her father's wee wee.

2, I have a shirt of your pic :D

Haha, father-son telepathy.

guiltnazan 23

Excuse me, it said it was a woman, so no father-son telepathy going on there.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, it was a mistake. And this is a double post. :/

As I mentioned in my earlier post, it was a mistake. And this is a double post. :/

umm why the hell were you naked???

some people prefer to sleep without anything on....

it's thrilling to run to the bathroom naked duh!

Once you start sleeping naked you never go back to those horrible things called pj's.

^ I went through a naked sleep phase. Best phase of my life. I still don't know why I stopped..

im okay sleeping mainly naked, but im scared something will crawl into my vajayjay o.0

Maybe keep your bedroom cleaner?

KarinaLizeth18 5

hahah 64 stick a tampon in it! xD haha jk i was obviously joking lol

Put a mask over it to keep away Bill Clinton.

I totally agree! What kind of idiot would shower naked?!

MissErikaHart 0


haha #98 your comment made me laugh! Re-read it lol

yaaa.... totally made that dirty in my head number 64.

64-hahahahah. wow....

ill crawl in your vajayjay for you

Qluz 3

i dont know if im too horny or not. but i cant sleep naked because of the friction between my body and the blanket causes an erection

wtf?! let me guess you watch **** everynight before u go to bed freak!. or do u watch your neighbors

naked sleeps are the best sleeps.

can i crawl into your vajayjay ;P LOL

second that lol

woah... where the heck do you sleep that you have to worry about that?

GalaxyShots 21

people who say 'vajayjay' creep me out. it's VAGINA. ******* get it right, jesus christ

I would just like to be the first to say wincest.

It runs in the family.

tell me you guys didn't cross the beams

Unless his daughter has a pecker... I think not

Where there's an apple, there's a banana.....

It's streams, dumbass! XD OP, FYL.

My daughter does the naked dash to the toilet all the time. But she's only 4, so I suppose that would make it more of a potty run.

is that your sister in the pic she's so cutee

Let's see, he was just talking about his four year old daughter, so I'm assuming he doesn't have a four year old sister. Jesus use some context clues.

You better have her stop or else she'll be doing what OP does still when shes a teenager!

yeah, clearly #23 wasn't reading the comments. she was probably just picture cruisin' for some studs when she saw the cute lil' girl's pic. luckily for her, though, #28 showed up, so she gets her eye candy after all.

sorry Mofeelious, I'm not saying you're ugly or anything...I'm just saying that nothing says, "I'm a dorky Jew" like making your profile pic a picture of you being a dorky Jew. (and I'm Jewish too, so have your "you're a racist" posts please people)

Chibi, thanks. That's my daughter in the picture. My sister is 31 and not nearly as cute. And neither am I, which is why her pic is up rather than mine. :) FMLiest - I suppose it's possible that Mofeelius' pic isn't actually he. He may have found that pic somewhere else and used it. I don't believe half of the pics around here, even the "half naked in the bathroom mirror making a duckface" pics.

LOL Duckface != cool

doc, us frequent fml'ers have watched your daughter grow up through your pictures :)

Well, stay tuned. :)

starberries 0

#28, it's absolutely possible to have a sister and daughter the same age.

crimson_heart21 0

my baby brother is a year and half, and i have 2 nephews who are 5 and a niece who's 4. im long will it take for car A to cross car B?

wtf do cars have to do with anything

41, First off I'm not a Jew. This is a picture from my college graduation where I was jokingly 'raising the roof'. I had already taken off my cap and gown, and I decided to throw my sash over my shoulders. So you are pretty much wrong about everything.

wow, triple fail for me I guess. on the other hand, now that I've read your explanation for what you're Really doing in your picture...I'm positive I got the dork part right.

Furthermore, in addition to not being a Jew, #28 is certainly not a jolly Jew who enjoys jokes as you originally expected. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

missmadii 0

lmao! :P

It's not that bad. You seem to have forgotten this is the man that wiped your ass for 2 years.

That's supposed to help? Was she wiping his ass too?

one day she will be. lolz

Now you know to put at least SOMETHING on before opening your bedroom door lol

Islander_fml 5

Kudos to you for sleeping naked. Everyone should try sleeping naked--it's the best way to sleep. Haha, FYL about running into your dad, though. Actually, YDI. If you don't want someone to see you naked, don't leave your room naked.