By Anonymous - United States - Pomona
Today, I was bitched out by my shrew of a mother for getting engaged, to a man. She's not homophobic, but rather pissed off because gay marriage is "trendy" and she wants me to be "above that nonsense". Hurray for love. FML
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  bonermonkey  |  31

I thought that. saying gay marriage is trendy and nonsense is definitely homophobic. I mean you would never say that about straight people getting married...

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

People are afraid of change, and OP's mom is a prime example. They are stubborn and refuse to accept things that are outside of their comfort zones. This isn't to say that *everything* should or will be accepted, but if two people that love each other consent to get married, it doesn't affect anyone else negatively.

  08zw  |  19

I don't think you can accuse someone of such a thing without knowing anything about them at all. For all we know, OP's mom could be gay & genuinely concerned that her son is acting on a trend. It's probably not likely, but you can't just say someone is definitely homophobic, especially when her son says she isn't.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

65, the evidence is pointing that way. Why would she single out gay marriage as a trend? Was straight marriage ever a trend? (Well, with some people, it is, but that's a story for another day.) Her son wants to marry just like any other couple that decides to jump the broom. If she's been telling her son she's not homophobic, then she's likely lying, or she has some sort of warped reasoning.

Now when people want to marry their cattle, pets, or children, then you can rest assured that I will be unhappy.

  armattiuzzo  |  16

People are saying its trendy because its new. Since its been legalized some people are seeing it as an option they can explore, not because they are gay, even they might believe it. (This is just what I've understood from people who believe that it is trendy, I'm not a homophobe)

  nonsensical  |  26

what is #20 doing on this site?


Dear #20,
you are a dumb sack of shit. If you believe two people shouldn't be allowed to get married because an old ass book says so, you are scum. Go fuck yourself.
every person on earth who possesses a brain.

  Ashd09  |  30

#37, You're being just as bad as #20. People have their beliefs and that's fine but neither of you have to be a dick about the way you express those beliefs.