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Today, feeling so depressed to the point of having suicidal thoughts, I texted a girl I had a crush on. Her response? "Can you please delete my number, you're getting annoying." FML
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op, no matter what you do, don't commit suicide!! I know I'm gonna sound like a preachy school counseler, but don't use a unreturnable act for a temporary problem! please!!!!!

So it's attention seeking if he just wants to talk to someone cause he's about to commit suicide? Shut up. You're making an ass of yourself.


Op- nothing is ever bad enough to take your own life. We all go through terrible times. Keep your head up... and don't worry about that bitch. You might really like her but one day you will find someone who you love and she will love you a hundred times back. It might feel like nothing is worth living for but you have so much life ahead of you... I promise it will get better.

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quit being a bitch and go get a hooker. problem solved!

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14 and 46 you guys are major *****, **** you two

54 you look like a rapist and you go around drugging hookers and then kill them

Uh guys .. There's no point comforting OP now, he's probably dead

Dammit, you caught me! What will I do now?!

To everyone who clicked "ydi". Shame on you. How can he deserve it? Obviously there is something depressing him badly. So stop giving the guy abuse! Hope karma comes back to you.

Let's debate like politicians! Your wrong I'm right now stfu.

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You're calling the girl a bitch because he's an emo ****** who's dumping his drama-queen problems on a girl who's just trying to enjoy her life and not go on pact suicide? grow up kid. BTW anyone emo is a failure on itself as our point of survival is survival and reproduction lol'd. this kid deserves to be told to stfu, she said it really nice, shes a caring person.

you're a retard 194. for many being "emo" cannot be helped. people that are clinically diagnosed with depression (like myself) have a chemical imbalance in their brains which completely ***** with your head and makes bullshit like a "survival" instinct no longer matter. it's insensitive morons like yourself that bring us down further. we don't do it for attention you prick.

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"we don't act emo for attention" says the guy who chose to be known by the name DarkAlex24. That makes me giggle.

I'M WRITING BIG TO GET YOUR ATTENTION: I mean what I say with no disrespect or insult if you are have suicidal thoughts see a therapist about it, because suicide is not the answer

I'm with dark alex, 194 u don't know Wat it's like 2 be depressed so just back off

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Shut up, I have it too, actually that happened to me yesterday, but without the rejection.

think about talking to a therapist if you're really depressed. it will help.

So it's attention seeking if he just wants to talk to someone cause he's about to commit suicide? Shut up. You're making an ass of yourself.

its that he talks to his crush again when he has obviously talked to her before and she told him to stop

I actually agree with #2. The way OP describes it is pretty much attention-seeking behaviour. If you need help, get help. Don't lay your burdens on an acquaintance and complain when you don't get the response you want. What's next? Posting vague suicidal threats on fb? FHL for getting random, depressing texts from a person she doesn't really like.

I took a good look at my "selve" and am fine with what I see. There are plenty of avenues for someone to get help that don't include annoying an apparently casual acquaintance. Being depressed doesn't give you the right to dump shit on everyone else. People who love you can even get tired of it if you're not seeking help. OP literally sought attention (not help) so I don't see how saying his behaviour is attention-seeking is far off.

um no the kid wanted to kill himself in the first place and makes it publically known and then doesn't do it. yeah that's a problem. he's just seeking attention and should talk to a therapist. you sound silly so you shut up thnx


67 how do you know he was offloading his depression on her? maybe he thought he would feel better if he can have a text convo with his crush but obviusly didn't turn out well for him. and I doubt it's easy for everyone to just open up to a therapist, everyones different. don't judge people especially when you don't know them.

RedPillSucks 31

ImaginaryFoe and #2 are right. They're not being judgmental. They're simply pointing out that his focus is misdirected. Instead of talking to someone who clearly doesn't want to talk to him, he should see a therapist. I fail to see what's wrong with suggesting that someone with suicidal thoughts should seek professional help.

The fact that she doesn't seem to be his friend (or else why would he have referred to her as such a vague aquaintance as 'a girl i have a crush on') makes me wonder what he wanted from her. She probably doesn't know him that well so how is she supposed to talk him out of it? Sadly there are also groups in society that throw around the word 'depressed' when really they're just a bit sad, similarly I have heard anyone who has anything remotely resembling a mood swing being called 'bipolar' by their friends or themselves. Mental illnesses are so trivialised and misunderstood...

*people who have had anything remotely resembling a mood swing' not anyone who has, got my sentences confused

what if.. just maybe.. he is is actually a she, just a teen lesbian who is depressed in the first place because people like you are always assuming heterosexuality...

sourgirl101 28

Isn't it normal to have suicidal thought every now and again? It can't be just me? Thinking it and acting upon it are two different things. Everybody's mind is different so you never know what will send someone over the edge. OP I hope you get help. But for some reason I have the feeling you bothered this girl knowing that she "would" reject you so you would have an excuse to remain in this depression that you're claiming you don't want to be in. (but I'm not a doctor)

People who text someone saying they want to kill themselves don't actually commit suicide. They just won't attention - and the wrong kind too. Grow a pair.

why would u think that they are just trying to get an attention? sometimes just a talk with a person can change a person from suicidal to not wanting to kill them selves. and why would u think he was trying to vent to her? maybe he wasn't going to tell her that he had suicidal thoughts and just wanted to talk?

here's why i think this person is/was trying to get attention: the girl on whom they are crushing did not reply with any kind of pity so he or she turned to the masses that read fml. submitting this fml got this person lots of attention so he or she is probably fine until the next time they decide they want someone to feel sorry for them.

wwerulez14 6

Where does it say that OP texted this girl mentioning anything about his suicidal thoughts? Nowhere. I've felt depressed before. It happens. And when I feel that way, one thing I like to do is just talk to someone about it. Afterwards I always feel a little better. My guess is OP was doing that same. But like I just said, I'm GUESSING. All we can do as fellow FMLers is assume and guess. We don't know OP, or his/her problems. So although both sides of this argument make valid points, we won't know (unless OP comments himself/herself). Can't assume every "depressed" teenager is an attention-seeker, but you can't also assume they actually have problems unless you know them personally.


I agree. You just wanted attention. If you were really suicidal, that probably would've made you kill yourself there and then. instead you come here and complain? Quit the whining. I hate people who talk about wanting to die all the time. Learn to fix your goddamn problems and your life would be fine.

Yes #25, that is, in fact, attention seeking behavior. If he were just looking for someone to talk to for emotional support, that would be different. But if he is telling this girl about his emotional state in order to manipulate her response, because he has a crush on her, that is attention seeking behavior. A friend's boyfriend constantly threatened suicide every time she threated to break up with him. People will use depression and suicide to manipulate others into staying with them or doing what they want. People do that kind of stuff more than you would think. It's called emotional blackmail. Stop making an ass of yourself. If he needs help, he should talk to his friends, family, or a therapist.

gleekalert 0

people half these fml's are made up. stop fighting on whether this kid really was depressed and sucidal or just an attention-seeking kid.

dudeitsdanny 9

I also agree with #2. The girl was "just a girl [he has] a crush on." She wasn't a friend, and it's likely he knew she didnt like him from what she said. When you feel down, you talk to people who at least like, if not love you, when you don't want real help. When I was constantly sad(I won't say depressed, because i wasnt diagnosed), I got turned away by my bestfriend because her boyfriend didnt like her talking to me so much, so I obviously stopped going to her. I went to people who really cared, or cared enough to pretend. Just back off and get help. When you're back on your feet and better than ever, maybe she'll come crawling back. Don't lose your head, OP. Just go to a therapist, or even an online forum for suicidal people. Even the smallest thing can help. Don't go to random people YOU like, though. You need to feel good about yourself, and only the people who like/love you can help, not someone you like unrequitedly.

Ever think that he DID consider her a friend? Or that he doesn't have people he can talk to about this, or anything really? It's actually a bad idea to run to a therapist every time you have a problem or need to talk. And anybody who's actually been in therapy knows that they're always telling you "build a support system, build a support system" - and then what, you try to and suddenly you're a needy whiner? Everybody's always so big on telling people they need to be happy, but when a depressed person actually starts trying to reach out and work on getting better nobody actually wants to step up to the plate and help. People piss me off.

Okay. I agree with #2 based on what the OP posted. He's being attention needy. Comments such as the one made by 203 are just a bunch of "what if"s. That pisses me off. You guys can make the scenario to whatever you would like it to be. I'm not saying that those comments are just completely stupid or irrelevant... just the pissyness is unnecessary. There is no reason for you to be mad at what #2 has to say, he's just seeing the situation for what it is. no need for the condescending attitudes either.

#170 People with depression can't just" fix their goddamn problems and their life would be fine." Depression is a real medical issue that, like others, takes time to heal. So unless you would like to comment with a valid argument, shut up.

Hello?? OP might not be able to afford a therapist and probably has terrible parents hint the depression so don't say he's an "attention" seeker cause you don't even know him

millertime12 4

Okay as someone who's been there and done that, it's not all about attention. It took me YEARS to find a therapist. Not all therapists are right for everyone. So back off. When someone is in that state of mind, 1) they're not thinking clearly 2) if they reach out to someone it's not for attention, it's their way of seeking help.

All these comments.. So many people are saying he should have know she doesn't like him. You can't really tell with some people. Put yourself I'm the situation. If you are clinically depressed you don't seek help. You may seek the comfort of others. Maybe the reason OP texted his crush is because he truly cared about her opinion.

maybe this helps him, who knows. A lot of teenagers are depressed.

how is she a bitch? like yeah it's rude to ask for someone to delete your number. but you don't know what kind of person op is. he might have pushed her to the point where this was the only she could do

Yes, she is a bitch, you must treat everyone the same, popular or not, we are still humans.

Hellooomindyy 0

Uh no. Nobody HAS to treat anyone a certain way. I don't have to like you or treat you a certain way. I think you should have said " I think everyone should treat each other equally", because that is your opinion.

why would you text someone you like when your depressed. there's always gonna be a chance something bad will happen.

true. Maybe OP thought his/her crush would have made OP feel better?

Send her a picture of your junk. That'll make her like you.

Because OP needs to resort to harrassing this girl. I see. Your logic is simply common reasoning.

Either that or send a picture of a pile of money, she'll be all over you then.

badbe 0

i know right, you're asking for a let down.

muffinkitty 15

op, no matter what you do, don't commit suicide!! I know I'm gonna sound like a preachy school counseler, but don't use a unreturnable act for a temporary problem! please!!!!!

from learning from my depression. you don't think about this, at all. it's one of the last things on your mind really.

hghiPigh 0

I love how you tried to summarize it in your own words... unreturnable.. loooool... girl... the word is permanent .. a permanent solution to a temporary problem

DtownBrown 0

hghi, do u really care about how she phrased it that much?

RedPillSucks 31

@36. People can use different words to give metaphoric meaning. That's what's so neat about english. Alternatively, english might not be their primary language and they were transliterating.

fjretsel 1

16, you girls waiting for cum in your mouths?

Op next time call a suidide hotline. Cause they can and actually will try and help you. I would call them even if you just wanna talk!! Just tell them you're having some suicidal thoughts and just wanted to talk to someone. Guarantee they'll talk!! Good luck Op and try reading a bible and praying too, it might make your thoughts subside a little! good luck!!

Op next time call a suidide hotline. Cause they can and actually will try and help you. I would call them even if you just wanna talk!! Just tell them you're having some suicidal thoughts and just wanted to talk to someone. Guarantee they'll talk!! Good luck Op and try reading a bible and praying too, it might make your thoughts subside a little! good luck!!

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Well.. What did you text her to make her want for you to not have her number? On the other hand OP get a therapist and good luck.