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  numbersystem  |  4

Huh? Horses don't have horns. If they do have one then they're called unicorns or rhinocerous. Two theyre called mrs cows or mr cows. 3 horns are triceratops. 4 or more theyre just deer. Or moose.

  FirebirdF350  |  7

@79, if you hold onto that horn on the saddle you don't know much about saddles, it is for tying a rope around so you can pull an object or animal, such as a cow or steer out of mud or water, it is not meant to hold onto, at all.

  BritSkits  |  22

@ 119 unless you're barrel racing, in which case, you'll be flung off if you don't hold on. Also, if your horse is bucking, it doesn't really matter whether its the proper technique to hold onto the horn, you're just going to grab whatever stable surface you can.

  SammyS2012  |  21

Hey, things like that doesn't ruin his chances 27. Once, my now boyfriend threw a bottle filled with Pepsi and it hit me right on the lip, which made is swollen and bruised. I still became is girlfriend and now it's a funny story I say to embarrass him.

Maybe this can be their story? :) kinda painful one though.

By  the_true_batman  |  10

Her fault for not wearing her safety belt.

  theannak  |  7

The only safety belt on a horse, is a helmet. That's not going to keep you on. You can try to ride through the bucking if you've got a good seat, or balance, or you can bail. I'm guessing she either bailed or tried to stay on, couldn't, an fell. Either way, there is noooo safety belt.

By  zandalee  |  19

Ring her up apologize and ask to take her out to a fancy restaurant to make it up to her.
This could be 'that funny story' you both end up telling your grand kids. Good luck.

  galacticstorm  |  6

"today I was riding my horse and minding my own business when this guu who liked me passed by.I waved at him and he honked in return,causing me to be thrown off my horse and suffer a fractured vertabrae,he didn't even help...fxcker.FML
(this went better as an idea,I get the feeling it was boring...fxck this)