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Today, I saw the girl that I've had a crush on forever riding her horse on the side of the road. She waved, and without thinking, I honked my horn in response. Her horse bucked her off. FML
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Aaaaand you being the quick thinker you are turned around and went back to help?

"Honk Honk" This is the text message my crush was reading when she crashed her her horse...


Aaaaand you being the quick thinker you are turned around and went back to help?

Pulled her up by her pants - accidentally giving her such a severe wedgie that she went cross-eyed...

That sounds like it would be from a romantic comedy!

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I feel like it was an FML for her and not OP though that does suck that you caused it she was the one who got screwed.

Huh? Horses don't have horns. If they do have one then they're called unicorns or rhinocerous. Two theyre called mrs cows or mr cows. 3 horns are triceratops. 4 or more theyre just deer. Or moose.

38- uhhhhh? The only thing I can think of was that you thought OP was on a horse too? He was driving... Just thought I'd let ya know

38- Horses might not have horns, but cars do.

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38's brain obviously ruptured after reading the FML.

38 actually technically horse can have horns cuz if you use a saddle the part you hold on to is called a horn js. But still wtf are you talking about?

Poor 38... Tried to make a joke and nobody gets it. That's the worst kind of joke.

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Yea seriously read the comment again he was in the car and honked after she waved off of her horse

101 - NO WHERE in the FML mentions that he was riding a car. But honestly, is it not obvious enough? "side of the road" "honked my horn"

38- I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or pray for you. Try reading the FML again..?

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@79, if you hold onto that horn on the saddle you don't know much about saddles, it is for tying a rope around so you can pull an object or animal, such as a cow or steer out of mud or water, it is not meant to hold onto, at all.

@ 119 unless you're barrel racing, in which case, you'll be flung off if you don't hold on. Also, if your horse is bucking, it doesn't really matter whether its the proper technique to hold onto the horn, you're just going to grab whatever stable surface you can.

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Hope you stopped to help her and ask if she was ok

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I think his chances are blown either way.

Perhaps he sped away hoping she hit her head and wouldn't remember what happened!

27- screw his chance with her, how about simply being a decent human being. does that work for you?

Hey, things like that doesn't ruin his chances 27. Once, my now boyfriend threw a bottle filled with Pepsi and it hit me right on the lip, which made is swollen and bruised. I still became is girlfriend and now it's a funny story I say to embarrass him. Maybe this can be their story? :) kinda painful one though.

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Well, there goes your chances with her.

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he can save his chances by offering her a ride in his mustang,it's much faster and comes with cup holders.

I really hope you stopped to help her! That's awful! I hope she's ok :(

If she was riding on the side of the road do you think she should of known her horse had to be used to cars before she went out?

Her fault for not wearing her safety belt.

Every down-vote is another person who doesn't wear their safety belt while riding their horse.

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Or someone who didn't find you funny.

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LMAO!!!!! Funny comment. Those 42 ppl thumbing down. Quit lol

Nope. Lol! *stomps on the down vote button*

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The only safety belt on a horse, is a helmet. That's not going to keep you on. You can try to ride through the bucking if you've got a good seat, or balance, or you can bail. I'm guessing she either bailed or tried to stay on, couldn't, an fell. Either way, there is noooo safety belt.

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"Honk Honk" This is the text message my crush was reading when she crashed her her horse...

Lol the image of a crashed horse gave me a fit of giggles.

39-Reading your comment made me think about how that would look and made me laugh

When Mordor catches wind of this new strategy, the Rohirrim are screwed.

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Those commercials make me wonder their liability. Seriously, I don't see how would you know if your sister was reading your text when she crashed?

90- but there are some of the commercials where the driver was responding and that screen is still up on the phone when the police find it.

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That's awful. Don't joke about that.

Ring her up apologize and ask to take her out to a fancy restaurant to make it up to her. This could be 'that funny story' you both end up telling your grand kids. Good luck.

Ring her up? Maybe stop and apologize the minute it happens!

...I've got the feeling he drove off in mortification.

Did you stop to make sure she was okay? If not then ydi that she'll probably never feel the same way about you.

Oh jeez I hope she's alright. Make it up to her with a full body massage. ;)

full body massage sounds good dont it ;)

When life gives you lemons give her a full massage to make everything okay. Heh have to take opportunities as they come op.

This doesn't sound entirely realistic... It's his crush for forever, so I doubt he's the, "Hi, sorry, full body massage?" type.

Who wouldn't want a free full body massage? That's an offer too good to pass up!

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I wonder how her FML would end up being

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"today I was riding my horse and minding my own business when this guu who liked me passed by.I waved at him and he honked in return,causing me to be thrown off my horse and suffer a fractured vertabrae,he didn't even help...fxcker.FML (this went better as an idea,I get the feeling it was boring...fxck this)

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damn...guy* stupid touch screen keyboard

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weird,my original comment didn't post o.0