By TheNerd - United States
Today, I was riding my long board. A few feet from me an attractive girl was riding one too, in the same direction. We made eye contact right as I slammed into a light pole. She then fell because she was laughing so hard. FML
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  XZeenon  |  1

I love how #1 doesn't realize this FML was posted AFTER it all already happened, and they out it on FMyLife because nothing good came out of it. Hahaha.

  lyndifluff  |  6

my thoughts exactly. she fell off laughing at you that's when you should have gotten up to help her up and said something cute like " now that we know I can make you laugh how about dinner" I know it sounds corny but believe it or not us girls love it when you try unless you get the girls that are to stuck up for their own good :). it really would have been a awesome opportunity.

  lyndifluff  |  6

see I don't know what to vote for here. if you got up and asked her out and she turned you down, your life sucks. if you chickened out and didn't ask her out then ydi. but if you asked her out and she said yes ( cus what girl wouldn't after that unless she is stupid enough to pass that up) then fyl for the bump on the head but thumbs up for the date. :).

  DesB  |  7

LMAO that is hilarious but horrible at the same time... You should still try to get her number though maybe you guys will hit it off :)

By  Mirorbo  |  26

Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship to me!~

Then again, in my mind, women are willing to give men a chance after a little messup like that, rather than be snooty and walk off, continuing to laugh.

  nucky_fml  |  5

It's kinda similar to what happened to some guy from my college. I was walking from one class to another on the walk way/sidewalk. This attractive girl was walking in the same direction, and some guy riding a bike coming from the opposite direction was checking her out while passing by. as he did his front tire went off the edge and he lost control and fell over. What's worst is that she saw and knew why and was laughing at him

  xoCOURTNIEox  |  0

how about you go out & get a life instead of staying on FML all day correcting people for their grammar, it doesn't make you look cool or smart, it just makes you look like an annoying douche !!