By FarmerGirl - Canada - Brossard
Today, my crush and I were volunteering at a local farm. He confessed to me that I'm one of the most beautiful girls he's ever seen. Just as he leaned in to kiss me, I lost my footing and fell into a pile of horse shit. He just stood there, pointing and laughing. FML
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  Futacy  |  29

Seriously? Of all the bad jokes you could've made about shit, you just had to pick the least funny, most cliche one there is? I smell someone who was in a hurry to get the first comment in.

  chippa  |  24

The #1 comment was thumbed down because the exact same comment is made (and has been since the dawn of FML) on every shit-related submission!

  S182  |  15

Pulling someone into a pool could be romantic... I cannot think of a scenario where pulling someone into a pile of shit is romantic. I'm pretty sure that it would just piss me off.

  WritingWrongs  |  8

-120 I have watched a few episodes, how do you think I knew the reference? I always give something a chance before I decide whether I like it or not, as any other sensible person would. It's just not my taste (to put it politely).

By  twoitytwoitose  |  1

Well that's a shitty situation.

^You beat me to it.

  lilhellian  |  26

Op hey kids let me tell y'all how your dad and I met. He pushed me in horse shit and laughed and i fell in love. The end (I know its accurate but kinda funnier this way.)


Or they'll both end up sad and alone for always and eternity. Their only companions will be the flies buzzing around their head because of their attraction to the stench of failure, depression, and misery..... Oh, but sure! A corny happy ending works as well.

  perdix  |  29

#5, That sucks.
Make him a sammich!
In Soviet Russia, horse shit falls into you.
Today, I'm a pile of horse shit. A girl fell into me. FML.

There! I covered all the other shitty comments, so no one else has to!

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Every time I hear that I think of that one guy on this site that said 'No shit sure lock' instead of Sherlock. Don't know if you guys remember that but it was hilarious.