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  eddeeezzyy  |  19

I tried doing that once on GTA 4 when I was going to pick up my girlfriend. Needless to say I lost control of the bike and managed to run her over instead. On that note, GTA V needs to come out already. I can't wait 4-5 more fucking days, and I'm pretty sure all the gamers here in the FML community can agree with me on that.

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

Not all people whom buy GTA5 are true gamers, however. It's not mutually exclusive.
Also, it seems that people whom know of this site tend to deal significant injuries to themselves. I've a hunch it's due to the need for attention!

  FMLkoala  |  28

I'm really excited for gta 5 too but I don't say that in soooo excited and say that I ran over my GF in a video game (I have though and I laughed)

By  fooltemptress  |  36

Look at it this way: she could have laughed and drove right on by. She obviously cares enough to stop and take you to the hospital. Now you can say thanks by treating her to dinner ;)

By  Genuine_G  |  8

Dude that's awesome.
You almost killed yourself to impress her, and then instead of leaving you she took the time to save you.
That's romantic ass shit right there man, some solid framework towards a lasting relationship if you play your cards right.