By morgan_rumm - 11/07/2014 20:02

Today, I texted my mom asking how she was doing. Apparently she's great, and on her honeymoon. I didn't know she was getting married, or that my parents had just gotten divorced. FML
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knoxxx 22

Dang, how long has it been since you talked to your mom?

Well I bet that was an awkward conversation..


Well I bet that was an awkward conversation..

aleahlioness 15

So, who does #1 have to divorce herself from? I don't see why so many people add their comments in reply to the first comment when theirs is unrelated to it.

I love how right now #20 has 16 down votes, but #32 has 7 up votes, when the only thing #32 said was to agree with #20.

"By the way, sweetie, uncle Jerry is now papa Jerry."

Sad. That reminds me of a similar situation of Natalie Portman from No strings attached.

knoxxx 22

Dang, how long has it been since you talked to your mom?

lexiieeex3 32

My guess is a pretty long time... Divorce is a lengthy process. That, or OP's mom hid it from them.

Aaaaaand the daughter of the year award goes to..... Congratulations OP

Yeah because it's impossible for her mother to call her first... You don't just wait for your child to call you before you bother telling them that you are divorcing their father, you call them first or actually grow a backbone and say it to their face.

Congratulations to her and my condolences to you.

I'm not sure why you're getting downvoted.. While it is unfortunate for OP, at least her mom is happy.

Why condolences? There's no indication of anyone dying in this FML.

Condolences because her parents got divorced, I'm sure op is sad, a lot of people get upset when their parents divorce.

knoxxx 22

I'm pretty sure it got downvoted to start because it originally just said "congratulations" and then was edited.

wow that's a lot to take in at one time. I'm sorry OP :( They should have told you.

I'm sorry, that sucks...I wonder why neither of your parents told you they were divorcing?

I was actually thinking it may be a second honeymoon. Some couples do it for their anniversary. I could easily be wrong though.

That's my mistake, I completely misread the fml.

At least she sounds happy. She's already doing better than many recently-divorced parents.

mattmsk005 8

Maybe you should contact your parents more then every 2 years.

sterling1113 15

Than* In OP's defense, my parents divorced and my dad re-married about 6~ months later give or take. (I don't know when the divorce was legally finalized.) I knew they were going to divorce, but if I had done my own thing for a few months I could have very easily missed it. Sometimes I go a few weeks/months without contacting them just because we live our own lives and don't feel the need to update each other every week. But maybe we're just a weird reclusive family.

I don't understand why some parents cut their children out of their lives like this.

sterling1113 15

My dad hasn't by any means cut me out of his life and he does call me from time to time, but if I don't make an effort to contact him he'll usually give me my space until is come around. But he knows I'm really adventurous and sporadic so I tend to go several months without contacting anyone with regards to what I've been doing.

Damn, that's a horrible feeling. Let them know how u feel and keep close friends around. Cant exactly brush that kinda stuff off

jack_jill05 14

It sucks hearing after. my mom didnt yell me she got married until 6 weeks later, and I had called her almost everyday because I was on vacation. to make it worse, it was a split secomd decion in ~vegas~