By mishyb - 28/07/2013 04:28 - United States - Englewood

Today, my horse farted and scared itself, then ran all the way up the hill and wouldn't stop until I fell off. FML
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Maybe he was just actually a very polite horse and was trying to carry you as far away from the smell as possible.

I guess you could call it A night-mare


I guess you could call it A night-mare

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You could also call it a horse

1, you could if the horse is female!

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I would blame the horse, too..

Why'd I get down voted, I said that because a female horse is a mare

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Don't be too hard on your horse, it needed some air.

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i dont blame the horse, my farts could also be pretty scary sometimes...

Maybe he was just actually a very polite horse and was trying to carry you as far away from the smell as possible.

This is so cute. I can just imagine a horse thinking..."bad smell...must get Master away....I shall gallop very quickly....I will save Master."

Don't want to embarrass yourself in front of the pretty cowgirl!

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Reminds me of "Dug" the talking dog from the cartoon UP. I read it with Dug's voice in my head.

skyeyez9 24

Reminds me of "Dug" the talking dog from the cartoon UP. I read it with Dug's voice in my head.

Oh my god. Thank you. I needed a laugh

30 - Or his name could be "Doug"....

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Funniest comment i've ever read

Practice your horse balance! Its your horse after all.

When a horse wants you off, there isn't much you can do about it. They weigh like 10x more than the average person, and they know it.

Is your horse named Thunder by any chance? If so, you may be onto something.

If it stops right after you fall off, then something's wrong. It was waiting for you to fall off. It's evil.

The horse probably didn't realize something was different til OP fell off. Most trained horses get upset about their rider falling off and come back to check on them.

Ride 'em cowboy! Oh... you fell. Well cheer up, it happens to the best of them.

...I feel like the moderators cut off a LOT of this one. I remember seeing it, and it included details like it was OP's first time riding and they were nervous--thus making the whole scenario worst for them since they already had a bit of anxiety over riding.

Lol one of the reasons i wont ride a horse. I fell off in 06 and am terrified to get back on.

You should try to get back on a horse, I've fallen off a horse many times, the first time was when I was about 2 years old, I broke my collar bone.

I don't want to seem like a nag or saddle you with withering neighative horsetility, but after multiple falls and broken bones, i have a haunch that NOT getting back on would be the wiser trail to ride! .

20, I've only broken a bone that one time, but the way I see it, is if you fall and never get back on, then it could be something that you're scared of for life.

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I agree. I fell off my horse when I was 6 yrs old. He took off running towards home and the saddle came off with me on it. I belly slid across the meadow grass for a good cpl meters. I was terrified and bawling my eyes out; not wanting to get back on that horse. My dad made me. Forced me back on actually, telling me if I didn't, then I would never get over the fear of falling off. Glad he made me. I sported grass stains on my belly that wouldn't come off for about 2 weeks, but I wasn't afraid of riding a horse or falling off again after that.

Most of the time, again I'm saying MOST of the time, it's the riders fault anyway... Sending confusing commands to a horse can make them rear or buck or take off. Horses get frustrated too. Both of my worse accidents were things that could've been avoided had I just thought about the outcome for a moment. So don't be a puss. Just learn from it and get back on.

Well we were walking the trail and everything was fine and ive been riding horses all my life and when we were going back to the stables, they started running and i ended up falling off like the bottom of my back and ass. It was very painful. They took the horse i was on back and put me on my dads who started acting funny so i got off and like a minute later lifted up to his hind legs. Ive been wanting to get back on but im scared. I love horses.

59- just get back on. Sounds like they were barn sour, which means they act up when they get closer to the barn because they know that's where rest and food happens. I had a horse like that once. But if they start acting up, you take control and turn them in the opposite direction until the calm down, or else they know they can take advantage of you to get away with it every single time. You can't make it a bad experience for you or them, or else you won't want to ride and they will be ill behaved. Trust me, horses are a lot smarter than people give them credit for.

Last year I had a really bad fall and chipped my hip, ruptured my spleen, bruised my kidney and tore ligaments in my back. The day after I could walk again a month later, I rode again

So it can be unnerving, but if you liked it at the start, try it again. You'll have friends and people to support you