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Today, I visited my grandma. She offered me some chips in ziploc bag. I thought they were sour cream and onion chips from the look. They tasted funny, but I didn't want to be rude and I kept eating. I looked closer after a while and noticed that what I thought were chives was actually mold. FML
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By  Dogmaw  |  0

They say that Buddha died from eating spoiled meat the home of some Chinese peasants. He felt it would be rude and disrespectful not to eat what they had been kind enough to offer from their limited supplies.

If they make a statue of you, I am SO gonna rub your belly.


Yes, we all know the "flaw" in the system, cept this is only meant for people to actually RESPOND to what someone is saying.

And no, ur not helping ur being a total asshole who thinks that no one else realized this. -_-


  kristen_lesli  |  0

"Today, I gave my grandchild chips that I had bought especially for this occasion. I guess they weren't very good, because I spent the next 5 hours scubbing puke out of my carpet. FML"

By  smiley_girl  |  0

Thats happened to me to, who new stuff like twizzlers, and nilla wafers EVER expired.... all the good stuff at grandparents' house is. ARn't pld people great?! Haha

By  kapay  |  0

Semi-similar thing happened to me but not so bad. I went to my aunts house and she offered me a soda I didn't want. I was sipping at it because I wasn't thirsty and then she asks what's wrong? Is it spoiled? Not knowing what she was talking about I checked the expiration date when she turned around. It was two years expired.