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  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Yeah I'd think i t was funny and cute. I agree, it would be a good conversation, plus it shows you work hard since you were painting a house. Not a big deal unless you were hoping for a perfect first impression. It may not be perfect but it was an impression :P

By  Flinlock  |  0

So how did you not realize you had just gotten paint on your hair? I would think it would stick to the wall... If its still wet it should wash off fairly easily I would think.

  tincans  |  0

My guess is that she already showered or whatever, and then was leaning against the wall doing her make up or something. but idk because she wouldve seen the paint in her hair because she'd be looking in a mirror..

By  BelleElle_fml  |  5

LMAO! Well, at least you guys had a conversation starter. :P
One time I was going out on a date and my little sister thought it would be funny to draw on my face with super sharpie because I fell asleep. I didn't realize it though and answered the door. So embarrasing. :P

By  Trickyklown  |  0

Didn't you notice that the wall was wet? YDI for obvious reasons but if he didn't mind then where is the fml? OMG I HAZ PAINTZ IN MI HAIR!! cmon it can be washed out no need to cry over spilt milk now.