By Z - 09/04/2011 22:29 - United Kingdom

Today, my dad decided to have a little father and daughter bonding time. Unfortunately, his idea of bonding involves him sitting around at home, getting piss drunk, and falling asleep. FML
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Better than father and daughter bondage time, I suppose.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Sounds like a good time. At least he didn't call you hot.


A7X_LoVeee 10

Sounds like a good time. At least he didn't call you hot.

what do you mean? hes sober; the piss is the thing getting drunk. it says right in the fml that her dad was getting the piss drunk

She's right, it could have been sooooo much worse.

14, that's sick. I don't know where you'd get the idea that the father like drinking or having his piss drunk, but I'm disgusted! :P

im not into fathers. but i guess id tap that.

KiddNYC1O 20

14- That was extremely corny but it made me laugh.

you see that still could have been fun

Emily-- in ur bio, it says you're pretty much up for anything.. does that mean.... ;) *clicks tongue*

rallets 22


bermejo 0

stop complaining atleast ur dad doesnt beat u like a red headed step child

65 is right you guys need to grow up...

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68 stop being a kiss ass

sorry you're right so how's life?

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we could do that but it's no fun to do stuff in private that's why the guy masterbated in public duh winning

I like to do it on the graviton at the fair

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u are a genius that must feel amazing I'm going to try that with my dryer

dishwashers are pretty good too lotsa soap

bermejo 0

I wonder if my gold fish could join me

no idiot goldfish don't lie poprocks maybe try it with diet coke and mentos

bermejo 0

no dammit Ima pimp on a budget

then maybe using mountain dew is a better solution

bermejo 0

nah no name brands I'll use mountain breeze

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I think a7x love was making a reference to another FML one were the dad got drunk and called his daughter hot.

A7X_LoVeee 10

My IQ just dropped a few points by reading most of these comments.

A7X_LoVeee 10


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haha gay

This2Rudy 7

number 1, good job with your study of this sight, even if 120 hadn't pointed it out I still knew what you were talking about

sarahkhan93 4

121: thats what happens to me when I read fmls :)

AllThatHit 7

Oh Yeah I remember that fml, I was gonna say that too lol

Some pop you got there....

wish my dad was like that :D

u r ugly. Is that like a wart on ur face? ew.

66- no one asked your opinion. I'm guessing you dont look too great yourself because you don't use a real pic. at least they have the guts to show themselves. so thanks for your worthless opinion.

i like cereal 2

ilikepie22313 5

76- I love you for that comment

I agree with 67, suck a dick and die 66. Not literally, of course.

66's got a good point

67, ur rather cute ;)

2, you're pretty, please ignore the peanut galary.

Do you guys seriously not have anything better to do?

hey you live in carmel ?!? I live in salinas ! we should hang out sometime ! haha.

^LOL ditto sounds like OP should have joined the party

LOL When I first read this ,, i thought it said "Father and Daughter BONDAGE"

I wouldve left his ass

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you would

rallets 22

you should

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you could

dirtyblond 4

killed it^ -___-

Better than father and daughter bondage time, I suppose.

That's what I first thought. I'm a French Canadian so I thought "Bonding" was a derivate from "bondage"

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That's sick. I'm so glad no body in my family drinks.

Sounds like your family sucks, man

She'll drive her family to drink.

memo619 0

at least he didn't call you hot and try to hit on you

memo619 0

didn't see #1's comment, just ignore mine :P

It could be worse, you know. He could hit on you.

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