By lauramarie - 23/07/2011 14:18 - Canada

Today, as I was hung over from a concert and refusing to get out of bed, my dad decided to hook up his top notch speaker system and play Christmas music that shook the house. It's July. Let the family weekend begin. FML
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merry Christmas!!!

He could of been blaring Justin Bieber music. So calm down.


frosty the snowman...crap now its stuck in ny head!!!

Well, I hope you have a great family weekend!

Santa clause is coming to toooooown........ In five months -.-

hasn't the op ever heard of Christmas in July??

He could of been blaring Justin Bieber music. So calm down.

if your gonna drink too much your going to have to suck it up in the morning mr wuss.

you might want to make the first comment something other than lol. that does nothing

man up and have another beer

Well in Canada you could have snow at any time... Don't count the big man out! He could make a surprise visit!

#64 Just so you know, all of Canada is under intence heating except BC, and the latest month I've ever had snow was April and that was this year. We don't live in igloos or have snow 24/7.

alcohol is retarded.

what a bright time, it's the right time to waake up and rock the night awayy! what a swell time jingle bell get up and go sleeping on a one horse slay ;-)

your picture Is retarded

OP is a girl, Mr. Genius

I find your grammar retarded.

Alcohol isn't retarded. The people that drink way too much of it are.

merry Christmas!!!

and a happy new year!!! dont tell op's dad though. fireworks inside the house are never good...

"we wish you a merry summer, we wish you a merry summer, we WISH you a merry summer. so now you can't sleep!"

Better than my dad. Just drags me off the bed and bribes me with coffee. Besides te day after a good night out isn't allowed to be relaxing. If you arnt struggling to survive the day after, you didn't have a good time out.

was it kid cudi?

and a happy new year.

Here's your present...

YDI for drinking

yea metallica concert!

Metallica sold out a long time ago, and I'm not talking about a concert.

they also sold out every fucking show they put on. sorry i meant to say, cartel concert.

Experimenting with sound == selling out

He hooked up his speaker system without getting out of bed? He must have things conveniently located. Or he's real cool.

you obviously cant understand commas.

You obviously can't understand apostrophes.

I understand commas perfectly. Do you?

Yeah, the way this is worded makes it look like the dad was hung over.

Yeah, that was the joke...

not really since it says 'as I was hungover from a concert and refusing to get out of bed, my dad blah blah' the op just didn't word it very well.

When it first was posted it said, "Hung over from a concert.." not "as I was". They edited it.

102 - you are correct

nwill98 justgot bitch slapped

Start demanding some Christmas gifts!

wait, were you hungover or was he?

They fixed the dangling participle in the FML. At first it had seemed as though the dad was the hung over one, which explains a bunch of the earlier comments.

oh. lol sorry o:

Unplug the system. At least he'd have to get up to plug it back in.

lol did you get up?

someone please explain the fml to her- she clearly didn't understand it.

Why don't you explain it?

OP was the hungover one, but the phrasing of the post indicates that it was actually OP's father who was hungover

No, it says "I" was hung over, meaning the OP was hungover, not the father

71, the mods changed the wording so that the FML would make more sense. When it was first posted, it was hard to tell who was hungover.

I thought it said "while hung over...." at first, not "as I was hung over...."

"Today, hung over and refusing to get out of bed, my dad decided..." That's how it was originally posted.