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Today, I came to the conclusion that my dad must have had a psychotic break, because when I came home, he was wearing sunglasses indoors, and blasted out Skrillex music all through the evening. The sound of diarrhea pouring into a gutter would make for better music than this. FML
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kickazz16 15

It's probably a mid-life crisis. But do know your dad heard you wail and scream for hours when you were a baby. Just adjust to it!


kickazz16 15

It's probably a mid-life crisis. But do know your dad heard you wail and scream for hours when you were a baby. Just adjust to it!

Love it when the first comment is reserved by a single letter.

808Boyo 4

Skrillex is pretty legit though

MyPetNinja 14

Skrillex is ******* awesome. FYL for not ever listening to good music.

Did he play the song the went Wub-wub-wub-wirrrr-bwongg?

I must be going through a mid-life crisis, then

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Skrillex sounds like he just ate a tub of chili and stuck a microphone up his ass. I don't care what genre of music you like, but if you like dubstep at least listen to something better than Skrillex.

Maybe you need to lighten up. Skrillex is awesome.

ShroomsOnAcid 16
SpeshulK 0

18: you'll need to be more specific...

you dont like scrillex because they are "mainstream"..? wasnt music made for listening? fans and popularity REALLY shouldnt matter if youre a true music lover..

he cant help it if hes concidered mainstream anyways, he makes his music on his laptop with small bad speakers.. he cant help it that so much people like his music that hes popular, thats what happends when your music is so good that it appeals to the majority of the earth. and youre going AGAINST listening to it?

jekdodkw 0

How is this an fml?? Your dad is effin legit! Skrillex ftw

ShroomsOnAcid 16

You clearly don't have a good understanding of how the music industry works, 78/80.

I can tolerate some dubstep not really my style but I know I can't stand them

18 - kill everybody? 80 - you're awesome :)

You all sound like a bunch of hipsters. Don't judge people on their music. Unless its Nickleback. *shivers*

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Mainstream music today means something different from the mainstream music of yesteryear. Today's pop music is specifically formulated to appeal to the largest amount of people, and rake in the largest amount of money. Any true artist's music comes from the heart, and as different people experience life in their own separate ways, it's bound not to appeal to everyone. Rarely, there have been artists capable of accomplishing that, such as the Beatles, for example. But of course, when every other song is calculated simply to sell, even they probably won't make it to the top today. I'm not shunning anything because it's mainstream, because that would be stupid. I'm just shunning anything that's pure horseshit.

44-No skrillex doesn't suck. Deadmau5 sucks.

Let me complain because music is made to please me! ****, I'm just gonna stop eating food I like becase it's cooked well.

just cuz you insulted Skrillex OP; I want to kill everybody in the world. then I'm going too eat your heart.

I ******* love you, Shrooms. Skrillex sucks. OP - FYL totally. Tell your dad to lower down the music because you shouldn't have to be forced to listen to it if you don't like it.

Also most mainstream music sounds the same, they use the same melody, beats etc just tweak it abit and put different lyrics in

"I'm in the industry." ROFL. I saw your old profile, I even checked out the link you had on it. MDK or something, right? You're a DRUMMER in a band made up of like four teenagers. "I'm in the industry," he says. Hahahahahah! Only noticed you cause you always go around calling anyone who disagrees with you "trolls". You're a dumbass.

Damn_Hippster 11

Guys I can sing dubstep wub wub wob dun dun wob wub...

218- Hahahahah no stop, you're killing me. You're an amateur shit, you're not even signed, what the **** are you doing with your life trying to bullshit people into thinking you have insider knowledge. Hahah! And yes you do, alllll the time. "TROLL!" is your favorite word. Just look at any FML you comment on Keller. And I like how you had one thumb up only a couple of minutes after posting. Hm gee, I wonder who gave you that? xD

who cares why it was made as long as it sounds good to your ears why not like it

128- "your ignorant" Riiiiiggggghhhhttttt... No sorry though, I apologize - janitors are Apple insiders, I get your point bro. Oh look another thumb up. Keep doing that to yourself and people will think you're a perv as well as a bad liar.

ledstratdak 0

shroomsonacid I love you. dubstep is shit that shouldn't be considered music. to make dubstep you press buttons. Pink Floyds music, oasis is music, Zeppelin is music, skrillex is shit.

Damn straight. Call people trolls every other FML and lie through your teeth trying to big yourself up as a bigshot insider and someone's gonna come at you eventually. Don't act like a fucktard and people won't treat you like one.

I don't thumb myself up cause I'm not an insecure little baby that needs ******* thumbs up to feel secure, eh? And my asshole is just fine without my thumb being shoved up it. Record companies run the music industry and take the money. Skrillex is shit because he's talentless, not cause of record companies. And stop flooding for ****'s sake.

ledstratdak 0
xStaciexLynnx 15

Just gonna say- I think you should both just stop. One of you is making yourself look like an idiot and the other... Well it's not nice to make fun of the slow kid on the playground.

ledstratdak, go back to English class and get your teacher to explain the difference between "your" and "you're", tard-boy. Mrmisfit, nice try moving the goalposts but that's not what we were talking about at all. You can't even argue a damn point, so I won't bother trying and I'm out.

I saw your website, and in my opinion, the only one with talent is your guitarist. The singer can barely sing, your drum parts aren't that hard and I can't even hear the bassist/rhythm guitarist (can't tell which one it is). Just some constructive criticism.

ledstratdak 0

shrike calm the **** down were on a ******* website not sitting in English class.

Looks like somebody needs to not get butt hurt over criticism.

Ever looked up the meaning of music ? No,probably not, your a thing people call "genre snob" you think your music taste is the best, no but i do agree with you that i all Skrillex isnt all that good but still you have no right to say that Dubstep is shit

I can't wait until some kind mod (Alan? Sirin? Helllooooo?) nukes the shit out of this thread. I want to see "Comment Moderated" 35 times in a row.

YourBabyGirlRav 8

Different people = different music choices. Some people don't like dubstep and some people do. It doesn't mean they have a bad taste in music. Just means they're not into the same music as you. Smh.

I'm an ignorant boob? I'm sorry, I'm gay, so I am definitely NOT a boob. >:(

ledstratdak 0

292- that was the first time I was called an illiterate dunce. congrats. honestly I could give two ***** about what you think about me considering were on a website like I said before. also I'm not illiterate because my cave man brain is comprehending this thread pretty well

ChilledDubstepa 6

Skrillex is alright, Datsik is beast. Although you really can't teally compare the two. Skrillex's sound is a mix of different genres of electronica. Not just dubstep like most of you classify him as.

The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Derp

amber551133 5

LOL 104! and dubstep is the shit.

ZebcoGirl 0

276 I agree. I looked yall up on youtube. Yall werent that bad but there is definately room to improve for everyone in that group.

After Shrike and Misfits battle about the music industry (at least that's what started out about) I feel obligated to share my opinion. The music industry tends to be dominated by signed artists, who aren't usually calling the shots. Disturbed (Yeah!) independently produced some of their best work though. I brought that up not to contradict myself but simply to exemplify that the music industry is too dynamic to be generalized.

Sorry Doc, all the mod's are laughing at all the fanboys who now taken over the whole thread while blantly ignoring the "Launch FML ICBM" button, loaded with the Thermo-nuclear Bomb. Launch, you *******, LAUNCH THE NUKE NOW.

Holy shit, calm the **** down guys. If you like Skrillex, great, I'm happy for you, but there is no need for all the arguments about how the music/records industry works. Now, on the subject of the FML, does your ass vibrate with the bass of your colin too when you have diarrhea, or does that only happen to me?

#78/80 I do some what agree with you but #88 is right... Being involved in the industry for a while now, there comes a point in many artists careers where the have the choice, simplistically speaking, to either accept some long term contract from a major company (making you mainstream), or to stay independent on your own and hope for the best. In the end you really do have the choice to be mainstream. Don't get me wrong though this is a super simplistic version..

This comment thread is like reading a novel.....I'm going to have to agree with Doc on this one, let the comment moderated nukes fly FML team

351- When I made my signed artist dominating comment I was referring to the "big picture." They tend to have a higher survival rate than independents. Take the majority of metal artists that are around for example. Disturbed for me is the only one that comes to mind when I think of independent artists, and even they are/ have been signed to Reprise

You're both being ridiculous and making fools out of yourselves.

Annnnd, I reach the end! At a cost of 10 minutes of my life.

I love pink Floyd but that doesn't mean I cant love Skrillex....duh, everyone has different tastes, and saying that just cause you push buttons to make it, doesn't make it music, makes no sense, that's like saying to play the piano all you do is hit the right keys, or playing the guitar is just strumming the right string. stop being ignorant.

MrMisfit, being in a band doesn't mean you know shit about the "industry". Major record companies don't give a shit about whether or not they're signing the best artists, and why should they? They're in it for the money. I don't want to join in on this war, but I will take a stance against the guy who jumped in and started getting worked up against people who corrected him. L2spell, bro, it doesn't matter if this is English class or not. You learn spelling for a reason.

zurisbloodyrose 0

78/80 - Did you just call skrillex a "they" -__- People these days.. I usually don't like mainstream music but I've been listening to him before he got popular so isall good :)

Remember when the first comment wasn't thread-jacked and filled with bullshit and arguments? Neither do I.

Neither do I, sassy. Neither do I. (i really need to stop commenting now)

Mrmisfit, being as you are an esteemed musician, and in lieu of the holiday season, you should release a Christmas album. Id like to request, "why am I such a misfit, I am not just a nitwit, why am I such a misfit, why don't I fit in." it was originally featured in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, the claymation version from the elf who was also an aspiring dentist.

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xSonic 9

I used to read Misfit's argument with Shrike. Then I took a remote to my butthole

The_Troller 14

I need a way to get the attention of the moderators... ... ... .... Wait, I got it! The mod signal: 8=-.-=D. It is similar to the bat signal, but when posted in times of great distress it will grab the attention of moderators, not batman. Sounds like a good idea, right? 8=-.-=D 8=-.-=D 8=-.-=D 8=-.-=D

The_Troller 14

I must say, mrmisfit, you really are cocky thinking you are a "insider" on the music industry just because your band performs for some events. So what? Theres so many independent people and bands that never make it big because everyone focuses on Pop now-a-days. So good luck on getting your garage band to the top. Might wanna make your "demos" sound better.

What ever happened to the days when a FML could be posted without a huge flame war happening in the comments?

ryuzakikiichiro 0

So since you "could" does that mean you were offended?

flockz 19

and 21 scrolls later, i'm here.

The_Troller 14

Someone edited my penises, meaning it worked!

imarapist 0

78/80. I can't really tell by your picture whether you're a girl, or a boy. Just sayin'

bigboughner 0

U listen to misfit, your drum parts are shit. That whole band isn't good except for maybe the guitarist . I listen to post-hardcore,rock,alt rock,metal,black metal, and that band of yours sounds like nursery rhymes. It's terrible, Justin Bieber got signed and he sucks and so did Rebecca Black obviously the "industry" doesn't know what good is. So those guys telling you "you're good" are lying through there teeth.

Skrillex is good, got them nice ass base drops

Dubstep is awesome. D-d-d-d-d-drop the bass!

Ledstratdak dubstep is actually music and you don't just push buttons that's rap. Dubstep is much more complex you don't push buttons, there is actually much more complexion to the whole thing. And if you are to tell me I'm wrong, then you sir are terribly mistaken for I am a DJ as well.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Lol, everybody's a "DJ" these days. I can't even remember how many kids I've seen calling anyone else's opinion invalid and refusing to accept simple facts, due to the fact that they're apparently "a DJ".

Let's see where is my professor farnsworth picture?

I was going through thumbing down everyone that said they liked dubstep, but I got bored. So I'm just going to let you know here, if you posted or are going to post a pro-dunstep comment, I thumb you down. It is not music. Someone that creates dubstep is not a musician. To be a musician, you must play an instrument, not a computer.

I spread butter on my bread. It gets very dry if you dont, and the butter brings a lot of flavour.

Untill Deadmau5 is no longer in this world, all other music sucks, I mean I bet you cant listen to "Strobe" and not cry.

Skrillex is pretty good, but a little too over the top. I'm a fan of Caspa and Blackmill.

JustinThunder 8

Says the shitty amateur drummer..

So your saying that all the popular music is just fake and all for money I don't think so. Not all the popular money making trends of music are fake.

#507, It doesn't change the fact that you specifically said, "im in the industry, my band blah blah blah". Don't back down kiddo. Its been said. Review all ur previous comments. Don't say you're gonna be successful with your band because this "mainstream" music is taking over. Plus, your time raging on here, could be used for practicing. :)

You must've broken the record for most replies, I think I'm the 100th...

Your social security check's bounced. Stuff cost more than it used to. Young people use curse words.

556 **** the police and kiss my shiny metal ass

Ha. ha. ha. That's very funny. Good job, really. You should be proud of that one.

I'm gonna defend pop music music for a second- not every other song is made to sell. Lots of them are, but there are the occasional artist who believes in what they are singing. Also, as far as I'm concerned, dubstep should just go right the hell away. Anyone who understands music knows that dubstep follows no chord progression of any kind; I'm not one to jump on something I'm not into and trash it, but without a chord progression, is it even music?

Most people arguing for dubstep at this point are jackasses. It comes with the territory.

That was incredibly rude. You are an asshoel, and the best part is, you've only made MrMisfit look better. Have a good day. Oh, and if it makes you feel better, you can launch a personal attack on me next. Good luck finding any flaws in MY grammar and spelling.

******* hipster. listen to musicbecause it sounds good, not because it's not mainstream. there's a reason why skrillex has so many views.

zurisbloodyrose 0

I listen to a lot of underground stuff purely because I like it. stuff in the mainstream too. I don't understand why people get so worked up about it. If you like it, listen to it. If you don't, then don't. Simple, yeah?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

575, That's pretty narrow minded. What about ambient music that doesn't even have any chords or sometimes even a melody of any kind? It's still undoubtedly music. There's dubstep that's not as bad as Skrillex, but in general to me it sounds like DnB's retarded hipster cousin.

ifinsane 6

Yeah cmon Skrillex is awesome the best thing in life starts in S and ends in EX

ledstratdak 0

430- I wouldn't say any of those bands are mainstream because I was wearing a Zeppelin shirt and someone asked why there was a naked guy on my shirt. also I couldn't name more then 10 people in my school that listen to pink Floyd, and actually listen to them not know of them.

I'm laughing at the hate here. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others don't. Yes, most mainstream is garbage, but some is good. I really dislike dubstep, but I won't just put down skrillex for no reason.

rideunited 0

Calm down kid skrillex is the shit your dad just found out what awesome is

Many rap songs, and as someone said earlier, ambient music don't follow cords either, are they still songs. I'm not going to say that I'm the greatest musician in the world, but I do play guitar and piano, and have made techno/dubstep songs on garage band as well, and I have to say that making a techno song from scratch is much harder than making a song on an instrument.

12swimmer34 0

Oh my gosh. Everybody shut the hell up. Thanks have a nice day

"Warrior Concerto" and "We Can Make the World Stop" from Glitch Mob are too REALLY great dubstep songs. Check 'em out !

erikaa916 0

240- hahaha couldn't agree with you more. pressing buttons on a drum machine or a synth software program like Reason doesn't make you a musicians. they need to pick up a real ******* instrument and stop playing shit.

Why are we convinced? It's cos you suck asswipe!

LoveKandi 0

Have you ever been to a rave? People roll and have to wear sunglasses to hide their pupil... Maybe your dads gone wildddd!(;

EvilCupcake8361 9

Skrillex is pretty raw but a lot of dub step sounds the same. I always mix them up with other dub step people

ledstratdak 0

658- thank you very few people agree with me. you can like what you like but that shouldn't be considered music

Just because Music appeals to many people doesn't mean it's good... Often the Music that gets bought the most is rated very poor in serious Reviews. Just saying.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Everyone who said anything about "real music", please see comment #376.

hisgirlherboy 5

shrike I must say your are the most serpent person ever

64- And you're the only one I thumbed down

Haha, it sounds like OP's just started smoking weed. My dad does this too. :p

Am I the only one with know idea what the **** a Skrillex is? Intercourse all of you.

386 "Omgz u don no who dubstep iz? How coud u?" "It good u don no. He suk azz." Well before that happens, to put it plain and simple, he is a dubstep DJ.

He is more techno-electronica than dubstep, with the exception of scary monsters and nice sprites. And yes, there is a difference.

Im not too sure what dubstep is either, but okie dokie :P

Do you know what diarrhea pouring into a gutter sounds like?

It sounds just like a ****** rubbing against sandpaper. Well known fact

I used to wear sunglasses indoors, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

Lmfao I thumbed up your comment just because your pic was so funny :D

leogirl95 12

I honestly didn't really need that audio and visual...

xSonic 9
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absolutely. Skillex is a win. your dad sounds like a bad ass.

Yes, he is obviously experiencing a psychotic break...

DontModMeDammit 10

Weird point of reference you have there.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And his dad is the toilet bowl, and skrillex is the diarrhea.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Yes they did, and my comment to it posted under this one instead. I guess saying it's not an FML is against the rules.

Well that's stupid. If anything, they should delete comments people use to reserve spots. Like "G".

I love Skrillex, but respect OPs opinion.

Ha and you have a deadmau5 profile pic. Skrillex rules.

25- I agree, it's the OP's opinion, but I enjoy some skrillex music

**** skrillex it's just the new fad for tools and retards who don't know what real musicianship is

25- I agree, it's the OP's opinion, but I enjoy some skrillex music

crackz12 10

Glasses were there to hide his ecstasy large pupils

Ha, and so you think you know better musicianship? I love many different genres I'd love to hear your idea of musicianship

Skrillex is amazing!!!! Some people just don't have good taste in music.... I mean, somebody has to listen to country music...

Sgt_M_G 0


#125 calm your ****, Skrillex is the shit and is way better then the "new" rap/hip-hop. Examples: Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne Etc.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Real music is music that is sincere. I see a lot of people talking about "real instruments". What is a "real instrument"? The only real instrument is your heart. If the sounds are coming from within your soul, it doesn't matter what you use to produce them. Real musicians are the ones who put everything they have mentally and physically into creating something that will have a deep effect on those who listen to it. The shallow bullshit everyone calls "music" is not such. It may sound "good", but it won't bring you into another world, the way real music will.

#188 my idea of musicianship? search up Infinite Dreams or Aces High by Iron Maiden. then tell me this skrillex computerized button pushing bullshit can even be classified as music

autumnleighf 0

Agreed, skrillex is a fad for people that didnt know dubstep when it started a long time ago

SKRILLEX ROCKS AND DEADMOU5 but some ppl jst have crappy taste in music

Are you saying Skrillex has no soul in it?

bmboente15 0

This isn't really an fml, just your opinion on skrillex's music

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And her opinion on skrillex's music is exactly why this is an FML.

Weird, did they delete a comment for saying this wasn't really an FML?

just checking... "ftw" means: "**** the world" right?

tylersign 11

IMO, all modern day mainstream music is pretty bad.. Bring on the down thumb storm :/..

The_Troller 14

125- You just said "musicianship"...

mrz1177 11

It hurts more to get diareha out than that crap though lol

First off, it's spelled diarrhea, and second, diarrhea just slides right out. Way less effort. I know because I'm taking a shit right now.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

363, Not for him, all of Beefyqueef's anal nerve endings have been either destroyed or severely damaged by too much buttsecks.

Shadow_Phantom 26
JustCallMePic 2

Congrats on drawing the star, dickface.

196- Why do all of you people hate on Satanists?

439- possibly because they worship satan? I don't really care and am probably wrong on that comment, I'm fine with all religions.

The_wolf_gang 1

Sounds more like doing a bunch of dope to me

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Trust me, if he was, he would be listening to better music.

because EEEVERYONE has your same opinion -_-'

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well when everyone else's opinion sucks more bullshit than a dirt devil.