Thanks, I hate it

By Anonymous - 07/01/2011 02:45 - United States

Today, feeling melancholic, I took a blanket out to the backyard and lay down to look at the clouds. My dad came out to ask me what I was doing. I told him, he smirked, squatted over my face, and farted. He then ran back inside and told my mom. She laughed. FML
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Or explain to him how sick that is. My dads gross like that too. >_<

love the gas and it won't be a problem even though I hate it myself

look on the bright side, at least he didn't follow through...

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It's great to have a dad with a great sense of humor. FML? Not really except for the fact you fell prey to his prank.

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exactly it's good to have a fun dad. it's just a fart princess not a big deal. some day you won't have him and you'll actually miss that.

lol I can just see OP now, after her dad's funeral, looking for strangers who will fart on her, just so she can relive the good ole times

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Stop bitching it could have been worse, what if he pulled his pants down and had the stomach flu???

"Unintentionally" doesn't work, just sub it back into the original comment. *Unintentional

I'm sure it was intentional. It warrants a new statement all together.

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lmao....that was funny, I agree.  but the smell. gag.

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your dads sense of humor is better than yours lol

that's not a sense of humour, that's being a pig.

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17 I'm pretty sure that's still humor

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Oh sick. Plus, if you're female, I don't think that part of his body should be that close to your face... o.O

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LMFAO that's awesome! Your dad is a boss!

okay Chris smoove!! lol he pulled a noob move lol

i wouldn't care if that was my dad or anyone else, if someone did that to me, i would smack them in the balls as hard as i could. no one is doing that to me, that's fcking discusting

Balls, balls, balls. Always in the comments someone advocates genital trauma.