Thanks, I hate it

By Anonymous - 07/01/2011 02:45 - United States

Today, feeling melancholic, I took a blanket out to the backyard and lay down to look at the clouds. My dad came out to ask me what I was doing. I told him, he smirked, squatted over my face, and farted. He then ran back inside and told my mom. She laughed. FML
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Im sorry, but u have a funny dad :)


learn to love the gas

InnocentLies 0

Or explain to him how sick that is. My dads gross like that too. >_<

love the gas and it won't be a problem even though I hate it myself

look on the bright side, at least he didn't follow through...

OP is called Meg.

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It's great to have a dad with a great sense of humor. FML? Not really except for the fact you fell prey to his prank.

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exactly it's good to have a fun dad. it's just a fart princess not a big deal. some day you won't have him and you'll actually miss that.

lol I can just see OP now, after her dad's funeral, looking for strangers who will fart on her, just so she can relive the good ole times

needleinmypants_fml 3

LOVE THE GAS OP love it.

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Stop bitching it could have been worse, what if he pulled his pants down and had the stomach flu???

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agreed 71

What an ass im sorry

wow that was an unnontentional pun

C94Slim 7

unintentionally *

my bed I isn't a goode speelr

"Unintentionally" doesn't work, just sub it back into the original comment. *Unintentional

I'm sure it was intentional. It warrants a new statement all together.

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ooohh good one... not

Im sorry, but u have a funny dad :)

tmmundy 17

lmao....that was funny, I agree.  but the smell. gag.

whoisthisgirl 4

Hahahahahaha awesome

LOL Your dad is a dick.

wrong side gas cums out of an ass

your dads sense of humor is better than yours lol

that's not a sense of humour, that's being a pig.

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17 I'm pretty sure that's still humor

whoisthisgirl 4

lighten up it's a fart haha

bamagrl410 31

Oh sick. Plus, if you're female, I don't think that part of his body should be that close to your face... o.O

What? Are you kidding?

so you are saying you want some old dudes junk close to your face

Only if you're female? Huh...

ajmb88 0

what do you mean

iFizzgig 11

t bag!!!

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LMFAO that's awesome! Your dad is a boss!

okay Chris smoove!! lol he pulled a noob move lol

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lml , agreed !

i wouldn't care if that was my dad or anyone else, if someone did that to me, i would smack them in the balls as hard as i could. no one is doing that to me, that's fcking discusting

Balls, balls, balls. Always in the comments someone advocates genital trauma.

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not cool!