By shrdlu - 22/12/2011 22:05 - United States

Today, our dog peed on nearly all the wrapped gifts under our Christmas tree. FML
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shrdlu tells us more.

shrdlu 28

Nobody else'll want 'em now anyway.

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blackstar994 5

They're all his now.

ThatLooksSticky 16

#19, that's not the bright's the brown side.


At least he didn't poop!

WaterPoloLove3 0

There's usually a bright side!!(: ^^^

sunsetsbetween56 3

Poop might have been better. The paper would have protected the gifts, unlike pee which goes right through paper.

ThatLooksSticky 16

#19, that's not the bright's the brown side.

Merry Pissmas!!

WaterPoloLove3 0

#38 I like your picture... I was wondering if you could possibly show more tongue though?

enonymous 8

75 - looks like an apple I'm really hoping that it wasn't the dog but good ole dad after 30 coors lites... Or mom after 3 Mikes hard lemonades..

bobbycorwen 5

#19 and 75 - I like your personality... I was wondering if you could be dumber?

shrdlu 28

It was the dog. I already know what it smells like when Dad or Mom pee on things.

Buttsexpirate 9

Sounds like urine pretty bad shape. Sorry OP :(

sunsetsbetween56 3

77 you are correct! thank you for explaining the obvious to #19

OP, shit man, you've posted 100 fmls!

It took the OP 100 tries to finally get it right. Lol

shrdlu 28

Yep, I'm either dedicated and persistent, or stupid enough not to know when to give up. That would be a nice FML in itself, except it wouldn't get posted either.

Sticky, that coffee owl is my phone background.

Glad to see we have a dedicated OP who responds to comments this time.

121- nice picture! giggity!

I favorited this FML just for this comment.

163- and what's the point of that?

Isaac_The_Man 0

Well the iPads "pissified" now, what else should we get grandpa

Gee 165 perhaps do I can read it again someday? Or whatever it is you do with favorites? What's your prob?

blackstar994 5

They're all his now.

blondebrunette11 4

I get it.

And he marked his territory so OP better stay away or something worse may happen

"Nearly" all. He left the socks and underwear for OP.

put one of those trains going around the tree.. so itll save the presents?

blackstar994 5

Good idea 180.

HetaliaFreak 10

His present to you.

Merry Christmas OP's relatives. You get presents that smell like pee.

lstrawberrycake 12

I love your pic

No I love yours!

HetaliaFreak 10

82- I love your profile information. Hetalia and Ouran High School Host Club FTW! I cosplay England!

shrdlu 28

The family were pissed off... the presents were pissed on! (I knew someone would say that eventually if I didn't.)

Celestia damn it! I read your profile and you made me LOSE THE GAME. I was doing well too.

my friends think im like italy.

HetaliaFreak 10

201- are you obbsessed with pasta?

yes!!!!! (germany, germany, germany is a really really nice place!)

HetaliaFreak 10

Even though I'm your prisoner, you bring me food! And it doesn't suck like English food!

Sausages with cheeses always tast so good! it'd be heaven for a dog, yeah that's germany!

txgirl2013 14

Well maybe he was just angry cause he didn't see his name and he was claiming the other gifts??

Tis the season to give and receive, the dog is giving you a gift xD Btw, is that a rat? O.o surely as hell don't look like a dog

txgirl2013 14

It's a fennec fox

blackstar994 5

Dumb ass where in the hell have you seen a rat that looks like that?

-26 In mah belleh.

He was probably pissed off

I want a fennec, but you can't have them in Alberta.

Miss_Trejo 5


yeah my dog peed on a present of was a book

I bet it was twilight.

nasty. It was inheritance (fourth eragon book if you don't know)

Well were you done reading? And better Inheritance then any of the other there, inheritance seems to be the cheapest in the series.

I haven't finished It yet and I found eldest good yet it had large chunks of extremely boring parts

guckylynn 19

My dog peed on a gift too. It was clothes, but they, at least, can be washed.

jwade11 12

Well that stinks! You should of let him outside, they can only hold their bladders for so long.

blackstar994 5

No, it was on purpose. Because the dog could of went in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or any of their rooms. But he decided to do it on the presents. And it sounds like he tried to get as many as he could.

Both of you! It's "should HAVE" and "could HAVE"! Not "of"! Sorry, but that really bothers me :)

He just wanted to show all the other dogs that "these are mine"!

monkeebalz 0

Dear humans Its your own damn fault for putting those reindeer antlers on my head Sincerely, fido

Dear Fido, You look cute in those raindeer antlers. Now shut up or we'll get you neutered. Love, A_TEEN...

-3? Lol. Our 6 pound and 4 pound dogs run around the Saskatchewan snow at -24. Psh, city dogs.

"Why did everyone get yellow wrapping paper?"