By Anonymous - 19/09/2012 14:43 - United States

Today, my crazy mother-in-law threatened to camp out outside my house so she will "never get left out" of our lives, all because we called instead of sending a written invitation to my three-year-old's birthday party. I actually believe she's crazy enough to do it. FML
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You might wanna consider taking her off the invite list...

Stage 5 clinger, mother-in-law style... Yikes!


You might wanna consider taking her off the invite list...

What would his wife have to say about that?

Who wants their mother camping outside their house? I dunno about you but I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't.

it could be a woman..

1, I'm pretty sure that would not make this problem any better. She's just a nut case and OP will have to suck it up. In-laws can be difficult and there's nothing you can do about it most of the time.

In laws, the reason I debated on whether to get married or not.

If you unscramble "mother-in-law," you get "woman hitler"

Wow, 36. That describes my mother-in-law perfectly.

Hmmm, 35, for some reason I doubt that you are 72 years old, just a hunch

Psycho bitch much?

7 - this is true.

Now that is not only enlightening, but true!!!!!

You've got a crazy mother-in-law

You know, that's actually written in the FML.

Wrong FML #3 go up one

You're confused, Marley.

nope, chuck testa

32- That joke is only funny when actually used properly. Right now, all I see is 'HAHAHA, LOOK AT ME, I MADE A REFERENCE TO SOMETHING!'

Stage 5 clinger, mother-in-law style... Yikes!

Yes she is.

If she was your mother-in-law she'd never let you go..... But she is.. so OP's effed.

Give her a wrong location and date.

Then expect to be hunted down like the wife by the crazy husband from the movie Enough.

His wife is the one who posted..... it his mother that's the crazy one! Hubby thinks she's crazy too.

Wait, what?

Maybe she wanted the invitation to put in her scrapbook. But yeah, someone's five cans short of a six-pack.

I don't think there is anything for a six-pack to begin with!

Gotta love the in-laws

SApprentice 34

That's scary. Is your wife/husband okay with that idea, or are they equally horrified by the thought?

I'd be pretty terrified

husband thinks she's bat s#!t crazy too