By farksh - 07/03/2015 12:14 - Australia

Today, I rolled up a newspaper and smashed a huge spider in my room. As I went to scoop it up with a tissue, it lurched away and fell near my bed. I can't find it, but I can sure as fuck sense the pure evil coming from it. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. FML
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Okay. Now just don't think of the size of that spider and its long legs taking it all the way to the couch tonight. Good luck OP :)


Good job. You've just created a spider-poltergeist intent on vengeance. Watch out for ghostly webs and an increased number of dead flies. You might be next.

Indeed, we must call the Inquisition in order to eliminate this un-holy threat! For the Imperium!

this could have all been avoided by following one simple rule - double tap!!

...who ya gonna call? ghostbusters!

There's no hope now, OP. The only way you'll win this is by burning your house down.

psychopolarbear 28

That's the go-to method in supernatural. Pesky murderous spirits? Douse it in gas and torch it. Problem solved.

JMichael 25

I personally like that method.

lol I like your style #8 ALWAYS ask WWS&DD (what would Sam and Dean do) hahaha

Seeing that OP is from Australia, a Goliath spider would demolish a nope train!

Goliath birdeater spiders, unless you're referring to some different "goliath spider," don't live in Australia. They live in South America.

Okay. Now just don't think of the size of that spider and its long legs taking it all the way to the couch tonight. Good luck OP :)

#25 Who's soul do you think the spider found ?

Good point. I guess in this case it pays to be more evil than the little bastard soul hunting.

Exactly #4, does OP really think that a mere couch is a safe haven from a vengeful spider? These things walk up walls and along ceilings...

One time a spider repelled from the ceiling and almost landed on me before I noticed him. I still don't sit on that couch very often...

That happened to me while doing my homework at a table.

Mission Impossible: Spider Protocol Featuring liamk and some spider In theatres SOON™

Think it's time to look for some were else to live

I applaud you for even hitting the spider. I would've left the room and told some one else to kill it.

The best place on Earth to see a spider eating a bird from the comfort of your own home.

Spider's probably so big it can make it to the couch in like 3 seconds.

Yeah, I was going to vote ydi because I don't like killing spiders for no reason...THEN I saw OP was from Australia. Good luck OP. : (

cheshireau 26

Australia, where unless you kill the spider first, you can guarantee that you are next.

Couch? Haha like he can't still get to you!