By eyes wide SHIT - Australia
Today, I spotted a huge spider in my bedroom. I freaked out at first, but I managed to confront my arachnophobia and killed it with a book. I was ecstatic and went to tell my boyfriend. By the time I returned to my room, the "dead" spider had vanished. Now I'm too scared to sleep. FML
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  BubbleGrunge  |  18

For the most part, you're right #1; not sure why you're getting thumbed down. However, I'm always fascinated with the FML community and how terrified they are of spiders! Cockroaches on the other hand, I have that phobia!

  Levvy  |  22

#86: If you find a spider that can survive being tread on, it's probably time to leave. Them ending up underneath bedsheets, AND having little enough room to be forced up against a person, AND surviving the experience long enough to be "provoked", is uncommon enough that I think it's disqualified from being considered "easy".

  cyttex  |  13

I feel like you were forcing those two words together when they don't want to be next to each other, sorta like my ex and I stuck on a roller coaster.

By  sb601  |  9

I'd be freaking out too. Just try to forget about it, or move to another room to sleep. Lol that's what I'd do. I can't stand spiders at all.

  Mshrodes  |  13

I myself hate spiders, but when I've been to Australia, interestingly enough, it was never a concern. I was kinda scared before going, but I had completely forgotten about it by the time I got there. I think that as long as you live in town, this whole "Australia is full of evil creatures" thing doesn't really apply. I live in Switzerland and I see more spiders here on a weekly basis than I have in my entire stay in Australia. Then again, if you decide to spend your stay in the forest, chances are things would be different.

  Nyx_fml  |  23

Yeah, OP. Why didn't you spend a bunch of money you probably don't have, said bye to all your loved ones and got the hell away from Australia? We need answers.