By eyes wide SHIT - 28/12/2013 01:37 - Australia

Today, I spotted a huge spider in my bedroom. I freaked out at first, but I managed to confront my arachnophobia and killed it with a book. I was ecstatic and went to tell my boyfriend. By the time I returned to my room, the "dead" spider had vanished. Now I'm too scared to sleep. FML
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Jesus. You're an arachnophobic living in Australia. FYL, OP.


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Especially the ones that like to hang upside down and are disguised as humans... Oh wait, that's SpiderMan. Edit: god damn it why did you change it? :(

#10- I guess he doesn't think spiders are cool anymore.

Rarely have I had a spider try to confront me when provoked. Who wants to fight a giant anyways?

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For the most part, you're right #1; not sure why you're getting thumbed down. However, I'm always fascinated with the FML community and how terrified they are of spiders! Cockroaches on the other hand, I have that phobia!

Guess what ends up 10% of the time in your Subway...

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I really want to know the punch line 40

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Spiders are so small that you can easily provoke them accidentally if they are in your sheets, you tread on them etc...

It's rude to squish. They're usually eating something else you don't want to see. Never been bit, never squish either.

#91 - It's also rude for the spider to eat whatever other organism it was that you didn't want to see.

#86: If you find a spider that can survive being tread on, it's probably time to leave. Them ending up underneath bedsheets, AND having little enough room to be forced up against a person, AND surviving the experience long enough to be "provoked", is uncommon enough that I think it's disqualified from being considered "easy".

I feel like you were forcing those two words together when they don't want to be next to each other, sorta like my ex and I stuck on a roller coaster.

Jesus. You're an arachnophobic living in Australia. FYL, OP.

Well, my plan of action would be to light the house on fire and gtfo of that arachnid ridden country... but that's just me.

You know that spider is on the other side of the bed thinking: "Remember when you hit me with that book? I remember too"

Is the entire internet made up of ******* that are afraid of spiders?

We also have drop bears. (Aussies will get this).

Would you be so kind as to enlighten those of us not from Australia? They sound terrifying... or incredibly cuddly.

@92 It's called a Koala, furry little buggers, and yes, they are (sometimes) cute.

Dont worry, spiders dont hunt down humans. If you dont bother it, it wont bother you

they say that about bees too. I believed them. until a bee attacked my ankle when I was 7. demonic little creature.

Its kinda late for that, don't you think? I'm pretty sure hitting it with a book qualifies as bothering it.

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Yes, but in case OP's still not convinced, they can always check up the water spout. :)

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I'd be freaking out too. Just try to forget about it, or move to another room to sleep. Lol that's what I'd do. I can't stand spiders at all.

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That's how I know I can trust OP when she says, "huge" spider (as an American who really knows nothing about Australia).

I myself hate spiders, but when I've been to Australia, interestingly enough, it was never a concern. I was kinda scared before going, but I had completely forgotten about it by the time I got there. I think that as long as you live in town, this whole "Australia is full of evil creatures" thing doesn't really apply. I live in Switzerland and I see more spiders here on a weekly basis than I have in my entire stay in Australia. Then again, if you decide to spend your stay in the forest, chances are things would be different.

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It's happened to me more than once, I feel you OP

If you're an arachnophobic why are you in Australia? And why don't you have a spider vac?

Yeah, OP. Why didn't you spend a bunch of money you probably don't have, said bye to all your loved ones and got the hell away from Australia? We need answers.

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Geez 12, for being a doctor's daughter you're not very smart..