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By Anonymous - 07/03/2015 10:34 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, while chatting with my in-laws, I told them about my upcoming spinal surgery. Soon after, when I went to get us some drinks, I overheard them murmuring about how many surgeries I've already had, how I'm a drain on the healthcare system, and how I should ideally just die. FML
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rmember that when choosing a retirement home.

That's harsh and very inconsiderate. I wish you the best with your surgery and health!


You should stand up for yourself and have a backbone. No pun intended.

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I'd rather pay taxes and have a few people be a burden on the system than have people dying of treatable diseases because they can't afford treatment.

As you're saying socialized instead of socialised, you're from the US, where it costs a shit load of money to get sick, or even be seen by a doctor, especially if you don't have insurance. We are saving lives because we will treat people without bankrupting them, although not all treatment is free. Yes the healthcare system is strained at the moment, but that's because we have so many NHS bosses that don't do anything other than get large bonuses, and not enough medical staff or supplies.

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I never said private healthcare was perfect. I just stated a problem with socialized healthcare. The bad thing about private healthcare is that it's expensive and many people can't afford it. The good thing about private healthcare is that as long as you, or someone, is paying for the healthcare, there's almost never any trouble getting it, and anyone you're paying to care for you is happy to do it. The bad thing about socialized healthcare is that access becomes limited. And don't assume that I know nothing about socialized healthcare because I'm American. My father is English, and my parents lived in England for many years. They prefer the American healthcare system, or did before recent changes. My grandmother waited for three months for a hip replacement in England. That would have never happened in the states, unless she was on a government run healthcare program, such as the military healthcare system, like I am. I waited three months to get treatment for my chronic back pain, and our veterans have been treated with neglect that would be criminal if it were done to prison inmates. And it's a myth that people routinely die in the US with private healthcare simply because they can't afford it. Minor illnesses and injuries often go untreated, but those with crippling or life threatening conditions can usually get treatment through charity or credit. Yes, this can leave people bankrupt, which is a terrible predicament, but not dead. Usually when someone is medically neglected to the point of death in this country, it's when they were under the care of a government program. But my main point was that the awful sentiment voiced by OP's in-laws, that he "should just die" because he needs continuous, costly medical treatment, can infiltrate government healthcare. When a person is routinely receiving treatment that costs more than what he's paying through taxes, and there's no other option for treatment, and thus no competition, the establishment administering the treatment has no incentive to ensure the quality of his care. If a person becomes terminally ill while covered by private health insurance, the company must honor the agreement to care for the patient because they may be sued and because their company reputation will be tarnished and they will lose other customers that are making them a profit. With socialized healthcare, there are no such incentives. Again, I'm not saying that private healthcare doesn't have it's own problems, but this is one problem with socialized healthcare.

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#53 that comment is way too long bro.

#53 America's private health system becomes pretty immoral when people, no matter what their incomes, have Chronic diseases.

#59, if you think government-run healthcare is any better, you're wrong. Just ask our nation's veterans, or people in other countries who have to wait for months on end to receive treatment for things that really need immediate attention. And, #60, I'll take you seriously when have a real counterargument.

@33 That's a false dichotomy, there.

Um... as an American, there's already a lot of waiting to get health care because insurance companies are often very "ho hum" about whether they'll even approve the surgery you need to avoid a life-threatening complication. Also, I find that insurance companies are a lot more likely to deny you coverage (and thus denying you the actual surgery because a lot of doctors won't perform one if you don't have insurance, even if you have the money) simply because it benefits their pocketbook to do so. The American health care system is one that puts the value of a human life below that of money. At least with the socialized health care system, you're *guaranteed* to be able to get health care, and the more life-saving it is, the quicker you'll get it... whereas stuff that can wait actually waits. There are problems, yes, but definitely far less problems than entrusting your health care to someone who makes money off of making sure you don't get it.

@59 And I will take you seriously when you stop being a ****

That's harsh and very inconsiderate. I wish you the best with your surgery and health!

Agreed, I think it's safe to assume they don't like OP rather than this just being about the cost to the NHS though! I hope your partner heard or will believe you, they're wishing being a widow(er) on him/her, that's awful too.

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Should have walked out there and said "Hahahahaha **** YOU!"

rmember that when choosing a retirement home.

Stuff like this is the reason why a lot of people hate their in-laws

This is why they make movies about inlaws

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Meet the Fockers!!!! A hilarious movie!!!! Lol!!!!

Stop calling them in-laws. The correct term is relatives. As in, you want to stay relatively far away from them.

That was so tortured that I felt it hurt.

Guess I'm the only one who found this kind of funny

Omg OP I'm so sorry they seriously have issues to say something as cruel as that I hope you have a successful surgery and don't let those jerk offs get to you just keep your focus on your recovery.

They're seriously horrible people! I wouldn't wish death on anybody, even an enemy, let alone someone that has health issues and is getting a chance to get those health issues corrected! So horrible!

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That's honestly so inconsiderate. If you aren't comfortable with saying something, maybe talk to your partner. They don't just give surgeries for nothing, so they should just stop. All life has value.