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  FarFromSocial  |  9

I'm freaking out and it didn't even happen to me. I can only imagine how OP feels, telling them to calm down isn't going to solve the fact that they had a spider in their mouth.

  lysx84  |  24

I heard that the "you eat X spiders" thing was a test to see how information spread around the internet. I like this theory better than the eating spiders one.

  Migole  |  36

I think 5 might be using sarcasm...

But who cares if it was a spider? It's still a living being with a purpose. I always catch spiders and put them outside. No need for unecessary killing.

  evan_7899  |  28

Spiders are a terrible being with the only valid purpose of killing other insects. They are like insect exterminators yet we exterminate the exterminators.... not to go off topic here but that sounds like a new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Exterminating the Exterminators"....Ah yes back to my point. They deserve to die a horrid death with an informal burial. Once caught in a tissue and hurled in to the porcelain throne i generally urinate on said spider for invading my privacy. They don't pay rent for living at my house they shall receive the flush of shame.


That's kinda what I was thinking. But instead it was a relative of the spider you killed who came back for revenge. That's just the beginning though. They're going to invade your body and hundreds of his family members are going to attack from the inside out. And when they're finished eating your insides, they'll all exit your body through your mouth and nose.
(Yeah I'm a little crazy, haha)