By yuckspider - 20/04/2009 00:17 - United States

Today, I saw a spider crawling on the floor but had nothing to kill it with and it hid somewhere. So, I got dressed and went out and come home for a shower, and as I'm taking off my undies, something crushed and black fell out. It was the spider and he had been in my underwear the entire day. FML
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Spider got some ACTION before it died.

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The idea of wearing granny panties

Spider got some ACTION before it died.

Bahh hahaha nice. I say YDI for not checkin yo undies before putting them on. Fa sho.

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hahaha that's sooo hot jk. I feel bad for the spider we need to throw it a funeral.

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agreed wih 57, If you're hot, that spider got some ass and died happy

158-when you get up in the morning, is the first thing you do check your undies for any spiders? if so you dont get out much

no but most ppl dont put on underwear with their eyes closed.

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Yeah... if it runs for cover under something... jump on that something till no living thing could have survived. o.O

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Girls can get head.. They jus usually don't call it that.

how did you not notice it crawl up your leg into your undies? Or did it hide in your undies before you put them on? I'm surprised it didn't bite you haha Spider got some ACTION before it died!

See, spiders ain't that scary... ;) How get over your phobia and just set them free outside the house. :-P

O.O I hope it didn't bite you. Or crawl inside.

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It fell out of her underwear.

What if it laid eggs well up there?

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OH MY GOD. I would flip out! That is so freaky and gross! AHHHH!

I am TERRIFIED of spiders and just reading this gave me the chills. I am going to throw up now. UGH.