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Time to get your chest waxed! Rip them right off ;)

That's an odd one :s


That's an odd one :s

Lets hope they don't migrate "south"

Yeah, bet that'd make OP crabby... Get it? Cuz he'll have crabs... Heh.. No? Okay :<

Actually he'd have pubic lice....

I'm still kinda wondering why OP's son has his head in his mom/dad's chest :/

you obviously don't have son cuddles into me all the time. Kids like to cuddle with there parents, so I don't see why this is so strange

My best friend had a full mountain man beard and his kids got lice. He is now clean shaven

I luv your picture

Time to get your chest waxed! Rip them right off ;)

Or just shave it..that seems much more logical..

Logical but not as much fun! A lot of women endure the "joys" of getting waxed. It's always fun to watch a man go through it. And yes, I might have a tiny bit of a sadist streak in me, why do you ask? >.>

55 lmao i was thinking the same thing. rip 'em out! lol

Time for a shave!

FYL. At least you can still use the special shampoo on it.

*shudder* oh that's nastay.

Go 40 year old virgin on your chest

Kelly Clarkson!!

looking like a man-o-lantern

I bet those feel comfy. Lol

Well that is a HAIRY situation... Anyone? Okay...

Just a heads up in the future, any comment that says "_________" situation will always get thumbed down and shat upon with pure annoyance and hatred.

Just a harmless, albeit distasteful joke. No need for cruel messages. Simply dislike the comment and move on.

Don't worry, 33, we all still love you. We're just trying to save you, unlike other FML users who don't listen and still continue to post crappy comments.

Can I ask HOW this happened?

Just like when a kid gives another kid lice. Close contact will cause the lice to get passed on, and by the looks of it, OP cares enough about his son to come into close contact with him. What's so hard to understand about that?

Daddy has his shirt off because it's hot outside. Son gets hurt and starts crying. Daddy picks him up and soothes him, or just hugs him, the lice decide to jump from son's head to daddy's chest hair... That's one way out of many.