By cgregg01 - 03/06/2009 05:11 - United States

Today, I put my 3 year old down for her regular nap. About an hour later I wake up from a dream where I was smelling something awful. When I woke up, the smell was still there, so I tracked it down. My daughter had decided to "fingerpaint" with the contents of a dirty diaper. FML
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cgregg01 tells us more.

As the OP, I find all of this absolutely hilarious!! To address a few questions/comments: the pull-up was the one she was wearing when she was put to bed - she doesn't wear them any other time. I was monitoring her over the one-way baby monitor we have with the volume on full blast, but the pull-up slides up and down, no noise or anything, so that is how she was able to do her stealth-painting. As for being able to get into other things, we keep all of our chemicals in an upper cabinet, no worries there. Plus, if she'd have actually come out of her room without me hearing her, my dog would have ratted her out in a heartbeat! For the pissy commenters, good for you that you are so better at everything than everyone else, your mother must be proud of how nasty and judgemental she's raised you to be. As for those other parents that understand, thank you for being able to find the humor in this disgusting situation with me. If she was doing this daily, I'd be concerned, but since this has so far been a one time thing, I think boredom and wanting the soiled pull-up off her is what caused her to be so...umm...creative. And btw, she drew dinosaurs, her current fascination. And yes, I did a great job cleaning it up after I finished gagging and smearing vicks vaporub all around my nostrils.

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thats what you get for having a 3 year old in diapers

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Ew, that's disgusting. FYL for having to clean it up.


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Ew, that's disgusting. FYL for having to clean it up.

well actually that's not possible, you can't smell on our sleep... google it

Everything on the internet is true! *Sigh*

#341 that's not true, one of my crab habitats caught on fire because the heating pad exploded and the smell of burning wood, soil and plastic woke me up... if it wasn't for that then things could have been worse.

Is she a good artist hahahaha

how come she isn't poddy-trained if she's 3

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seriously my líl sis is 3 and shes been pottytrained

My little sister wore diapers while she was asleep until she was about six or seven years old, because she just couldn't tell that she had to use the bathroom. It's nothing unusual.

Nevermind, I think she was younger than six or seven.... Point is, it took her longer than the age of three to realize she had to use the bathroom while she was asleep. And my mom got worried about that, so she asked the doctor and he said it's perfectly normal for kids to still use diapers or pull-ups at nap-time/night up to the age of... I think he said 4 or 5.

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thats what you get for having a 3 year old in diapers

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ikr! most 2 yr olds r potty trained!! honestly!! :P

can I just say that you seem like an asshole?

4 and 5 do you not have any kids? They are not always easy to toilet train. I have 4 kids and 3 of them picked it up real quick but my youngest son was almost 4 before he was fully trained.

what did she write

That kid is a demon child

There's a party in your bedroom.....all night long hahahah

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Lmao. Fyl indeed. My cat once shit lime green diarrea on my new $800 blanket, I woke up with it all over my leg.

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Who the fuck pays $800 for a BLANKET? I mean seriously, you fucking deserved that one buddy.