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By unwanted - 11/08/2009 20:31 - Canada

Today, I told my mom about how my friend is going to China for a year instead of college. My mom suggested that I could do the same. When I told her that a trip to China is probably more expensive than my college tuition, my mom replied, "Not for a one way ticket". FML
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thats something mine would say

Well take a hint xD


thats something mine would say

Ya your mom doesn't love you

YDI for not killing her at birth

Bs.. It was a joke.. :l YDI for being such an uptight person..

even if it wasn't a joke, why would she pay for you to go to china round trip? she would be expecting you to work and buy a ticket home. duh. i agree with #25 YDI for being an uptight and whiny person.

...Yes, fuck your life because you can't take a fucking joke. *sigh* This site's only good for the comments now.

also agreed.

I think you're looking for www.mylifeisaverage.com.

its because your gay

yeah but MLIA is like 10x funnier than FML and this isnt funny at all...

not that bad, ull be there for a year so why would she buy u a 2 way ticket if you would be there for a year...think about it

blah blah blah

75 has made a good observation. true, how true.

china is not that bad go to yichang dragon bar

YDI, for being a bad kid

#2 or fml for having a bad mom (though she may have been joking) anyway, why would you go to china? that's were all the pollution and smog are and lead-based toys are made. japan makes all our cameras and cars and phones. they are so much cooler

oops i meant fyl

I agree. YDI for being a failure.

Rofl? How do you know that he/she is a bad child/failure? The post has no evidence of it. Jumping-to-conclusion-trolls.

Your cars are made in the USA, and the cameras and phones that you buy are made in China.

you are an ignorant tool. obviously someone's been brainwashed by hypocritical western media.

LOL your mom is awesome

Exactly. This isn't an FML. She just said a joke.

yeah i agree. i was reading through the comments and i was like "wow...it was a joke..." no parent would seriously say that....hahaaa but i agree, i love your mom's sense of humor, it reminds me of my best friend's mom!

Well take a hint xD

have fun in china lol

That may work

-looks at time you posted- -looks at time first posted- FAIL!!!!!!

-looks at time you posted- -looks at time first posted- FAIL!!!!!!

it depends on how she was saying it. but you could get a one way ticket there and when youre there and ready to go back, you can buy another one way like once u had a job in china.

lol I was going on a one month trip to France and my dad kept begging me to stay longer. He was just joking though, don't worry I'm sure your mom is joking too :)

you must have been adopted

HAHAHAHAHAHAH this is funny. I'm sure she loves you. She'll call! ..maybe. JK. OMFG i have no idea what I'm saying. Suggest you go to France! That's way cooler.