What a wanker

By no action Jackson - 27/09/2020 20:02 - United States - Hesperia

Today, I walked in on my husband masturbating. I thought it was hot and asked if I could join in. He threw me a disgusted look and screamed that I’d ruined the whole mood. Now we’re both unsatisfied. FML
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tounces7 27

Is that how you defend being a POS


Yeah! You're supposed to think it's disgusting and shameful -- that's what makes it hot. Your approval ruined his self-abuse.

Jeremy Strang 7

You're probably joking, but you might actually be right. Why else would he be jerkin' it where she could walk in and catch him?

it's a somewhat common fetish, some people enjoy the thought of being caught... but like with most fetishes it simply doesn't live up the what you picture in your mind, or what they would show in ****.

After 30 years of a monogamous marriage my Wife all of a sudden was no longer interested in anything sexual. Her body also lost A LOT of its sex appeal. Fortunately I met a girl about my age whose Husband had also lost interest in sex. A sort of “Friends With Benefits” situation. So she and I are actually holding 2 long time marriages together. If I feel like some relief while I’m at home my Wife certainly ISN’T the one to go to for me. If I had to master bate with her by my side she’d gross me out and she’d kill the entire mood.


Is that how you defend being a POS

tounces7 27

To be fair here, it shouldn't always be on just one person to open up communication. It's not right what he's doing obviously, but at the same time, it's not right what his wife is doing either. If she's no longer interested in any sort of physical relationship with her husband, it's time for her to move on as well.

I'll bet she doesn't want sex with you any longer because she knows you find her repulsive now. Do you even love her anymore? Do yourselves both a favour and divorce her, she deserves better. You are a gigantic ass.

I wrote the original statement. It’s really easy for everyone to dis me until they know all the facts. BTW: last March 2020 we celebrated our 10th anniversary of being together. So I’m not worried about being caught. I’ve seen her Husband only from a distance. And I looked like anyone else at the gym. She’s never met my Wife. What ever happened to “ ‘til death do we part”?

Another spouse do you apart. You are an ass, bro.

tounces7 27

When the love dies, that's when you part. Clearly it's died on both sides here. I'm guessing you two are only staying together for financial reasons at this point.

Jaymail, you're a disgusting excuse of a man and a human being. I hope your wife catches you, sues your balls off, and stomps them right in front of you. It would be more than what you've ever done with them.

theyellowgoose 3

then why are you even still with her?! you sound so full of love for her... ugh.

tounces7 27